10 Reasons to Choose Elizabeth & James Bucket Bags


Introduction: Why choose Elizabeth & James bags?

Elizbeth & James was founded by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – one of the most well-known actresses, fashion designers, entrepreneurs and producers in the world. After each has found success in their respective careers, they have joined forces to design and produce the best. The Olsen twins enjoy a cult-like following and have enjoyed such success in their individual ventures, they decided to pool their expertise, ideas and resources to create their own brand. Elizabeth & James is infused with the spirit of the Olsen’s relaxed Southern California lifestyle, offering fashionable elegance for women who want to look good without giving up comfort.
In 2006, Elizabeth & James bags have won over 40 design awards and has become a fashion icon for young women. The brand’s recognition comes from the unique and versatile designs as well as its exclusivity which allows your collection to grow with you throughout your life. Enjoy Elizabeth & James every day with their signature studded clutch.
It may not be what you think when you first see it – the Elizabeth & James bag. The idea is not a new one and the bag design is highly copied, especially in China . The Elizabeth & James bag is the first line of accessories aimed at young women in search of a sophisticated bag that is a little bit different.
The idea behind Elizabeth & James started with the Olsen’s desire to create bags that are as relevant and timeless as they are chic. While working on their own line, Mary-Kate and Ashley wanted to be able to introduce a wider variety of customer to the world of luxury accessories, but without compromising the quality or style that their customers have come to expect from them.
The Elizabeth and James collection consists of bags and purses in a range of shapes, styles and colours. The aim of the design team is to create bags that are an extension of the women wearing them. The inspiration behind the design is influenced by modern but classic silhouettes that have stood the test of time, alongside all the latest fashion trends.

elizabeth and james bucket bags
elizabeth and james bucket bags

How to Find the Perfect Size Bag for You

Elizabeth & James offers a wide variety of handbags that include standard sizes and shapes as well as slightly unconventional shapes. You can choose from an array of sizes and styles to find the perfect Elizabeth and James handbag for you. No matter what type of bag you are looking for, there are several factors to consider when choosing your ideal size. Below is a list to help you find the perfect size for you:

elizabeth and james bucket bags
elizabeth and james bucket bags

Bigger Size Equals More Storage Space in a Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are some of the most sought after because of their extremely roomy interior. If you plan on traveling across the globe or if you just have a lot of items that need to be stored, these bags will hold everything you need. They are ideal for storing multiple personal items such as electronic devices, documents and travel accessories. Whatever type of electronic device you carry, these bags will be able to hold it securely. [1]
The Great Size of Bucket Bags
Bucket bags offer a roomy interior compared to other types of bags. These totes have an average volume capacity of 18 liters. This is larger than the 13 liter average volume found in backpacks, which are considered to be the second largest storage volume. Totes, on the other hand, only have an average 8 liter capacity and handbags have an average 8 to 10 liter capacity. Duffels, which are small duffle bags, have an average volume capacity of 12 liters.
Another feature that makes bucket bags so attractive is their structure. These totes have a rounded bottom and sides, which add to their roomy interior. This roundness also helps to define the shape of the bag and makes it easy to carry around.

elizabeth and james bucket bags
elizabeth and james bucket bags

Quick Tips for Choosing Your Favorite Style of Elizabeth & James Bags

Choosing the perfect Elizabeth and James handbag is not a difficult process. Before purchasing, take note of your lifestyle to determine the best bag for you. If you like to travel, opt for a backpack style bag. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, go for a strap style bag. There is no better way to make sure your items are always secure when traveling than with the help of this awesome brand. The straps stay on your shoulders and the side straps put your handbag at an angle that makes it easier to see inside. If you are heading to a special event, opt for a bucket bag for its stunning looks and roominess. You can also purchase a mini bucket bag for everyday use. These bags are the perfect size for any occasion. Each bag comes with a storage pocket for your small items. Pick a favorite style that fits your needs and personality, and get ready to enjoy the ride.
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elizabeth and james bucket bags
elizabeth and james bucket bags

Elizabeth and James Explained- What’s Inside and How Do They Work?

The inside of Elizabeth & James bags are constructed with a cotton lining and have a bottom zipper that can be open as well as secured. The zipper runs from the bottom of the bag all the way to where your hands would normally be when carrying it. The zipper is commonly used so that you can access your items without having to fully unzip the bag. Some of these bags are manufactured with two separate zippers instead of one; this makes it easy to find the specific items that you need at any given point in time.
Zipper Location: The zipper is located on the outer edges of the bag. This keeps your items from sliding around and being jumbled together to fit in the size that’s best for you. When you are looking for something it is typically easier to find it if there is a place that can match your hands and fingers as opposed to trying to pull something out of the bag using only your hands or fingers.
Why is the Bottom Zipper so Important?
Some Elizabeth and James bags are made with a bottom zipper that can be opened or a top zipper that can be unzipped. These two zippers are located on opposite sides of the zippered area. The bottom zipper is reserved for the more important items. Depending on the model of bag and the size of the bag, some handheld bags may have both a top and a bottom zipper.

elizabeth and james bucket bags
elizabeth and james bucket bags