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What is silence? Silence is a word used to describe the absence of sound. Sounds can be anything such as music, animals, people talking etc. Silence is a common noise in many different places like; libraries, bedrooms and on public transportation. A common noise that people hear is silence. In order to hear silence you must be out of the way and not under an amount of sound. You can only hear silence when you stop listening to sounds and close your ears.
There is a type of sound called “Sound” which is the variation of sound that makes the background music for a song. Music is the name for a type of sound that comes from instruments like guitars, pianos, drums and singers. When it comes to music people hear that response from their body and express different emotions from each person. A person who listens to music feels themselves more connected with other people because they feel included in the world.
Sound is a type of noise that can be heard by animals, plants and different types of machines. Sound is a way for people to communicate whether it be by language or body language. Language is the method words are used to represent things. There are two ways to communicate with others: 1) Talking, 2) Body Language.

and then there was silence
and then there was silence

Primary keyword: I would like to hire a writer

The word “silence” (often capitalised as SILENCE) has many different meanings. In general, it is a lack of sound, but it may also refer to:a lack of speech; the state of being mutea space in which there is complete silencea kind of music (also known as the leaderless style) for which the performers are completely silenta lack of speech or writing in a book or other worka state of silence in a service
In this article, we will look at the context where I would like to hire a writer.
Although there are many phrases that use “silence” to describe the idea that there is no sound, this article will concentrate on “I would like to hire a writer”. It may be useful to have an example.
Example: “I would like to hire a writer”.
=> what is the topic?
It is sad that there are no writers who can write everything we need. We do not know what to say, what we need, and how to write it all. We have some writers but they can not help us. It is difficult to find someone who can write something that needs writing. I would like to hire a writer! I am interested in hiring writers, but it is hard and expensive. I am a student and I have no money. It is so much better when we can hire a writer.
=> how to summarize the content?

and then there was silence
and then there was silence