5 Proven Steps on How to Give Waves to Your Hair with a Curling Iron Once a Week


Give Yourself Effortless Waves with the Help of These 10 Products

Sometimes you want natural waves and other days you want your locks to look like they spent the day on a beach in Miami. So, let’s get started. Curls: The sand side of this equation is that curling hair with a wand leaves your mane either too big and bouncy or rigid and crunchy. A flat iron will take care of this, but it can ruin your hair foundation. A curling iron will leave the hair smooth and bouncy without the damage to your hair that a flat iron can’t handle. A comb or brush can also be used to curl your hair, but it will leave an untidy head of curls. A curling iron will leave your hair perfectly smooth.
1.The True Professional Professional Curl Iron:
This is a hot tool that can get the job done with ease. The plates are made of high-grade tourmaline, and it has adjustable heat settings so you can choose the right one for your hair type. It also comes with a protective hood that won’t interfere with the way you use it. This curling iron is 9.5 inches long and will give you hair that looks as good as if you went to the beach.
2.The Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron:

give waves to with a curling iron once
give waves to with a curling iron once

What You Should Know about Curling Irons for Wavy Hair

For the best results, use the lowest heat setting on your curling iron and clamp it firmly against your scalp. Unlike straight hair, curls are damaged easily due to the looseness that curling irons cause. This can be remedied by using a moisturizing product after you’re done with your curl. The products that you need listed in this article can be purchased at any beauty supply store or online. Hair: The key to giving yourself waves with a curling iron is to find the right kind of hair. When you have thick and healthy hair, it’s much easier to create curls. Try applying shine serum or conditioner as you do your curls for best results. Instead of curling your hair with the heat setting that you normally use for maintaining frizz-free curls, choose the one that is two to three notches lower than what you normally use.
Thanks to my friend, Dr. Lisa W., I learned a few helpful tricks on how to get the perfect curls.
I cannot thank her enough. At least now, I don’t have to do my hair “iron curls”.
Full Prescription for Curls for Wavy Hair:
“It takes about six hours to get the layers in my hair but it has been worth it. I love how soft and bouncy my hair is after doing this. I don’t like when my hair is crispy and crunchy; it just doesn’t make me feel good.” – Princess
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give waves to with a curling iron once
give waves to with a curling iron once