5 Ways Crystals Can Help with Headaches


Introduction: 5 Reasons Your Headaches are Caused by Bad or Toxic Things in Your Environment

You know that it doesn’t take much for your inner-eco-system to become toxic, and when that happens, you feel the effects acutely no matter where you live. From everyday toxins like those found in vaccines and antibiotics to those created by our modern lifestyles and habits. But what can we do? We live in a world that keeps us fighting for natural health, and it is not always easy. You see, everything is toxic these days, but there are ways to make the right choices so that you can start feeling better again. [1]
Here are 5 reasons your headaches may be caused by bad or toxic things in your environment:
1.Your Lack of Sleep or Irregular Sleeping Schedule
Even worse, lack of sleep can create headaches due to the intense amount of stress it causes. This stress is not necessarily because you are trying to get the work done – it is even caused by activities like watching TV before bedtime. Studies show that even excessive light exposure before sleeping creates a feeling of stress and it affects your sleep cycle. The result? Increase in headaches. [2]

crystals that help with headaches
crystals that help with headaches

Crystals to Fight Headaches and Eliminate Toxins

Activated Charcoal is just one of the crystals that can help with headaches. It can help your body eliminate toxins and chemicals, absorb nutrients and flush out bad bacteria. Some of the ways it benefits you include: Removing pesticides, nicotine etc. [2,3] Neutralizing radiation, x-rays and chemotherapy. [4] For a full list of its benefits go to: http://www.crystalguidance.com/ActivatedCharcoalCrystals.html
Amethyst is a purple crystal that can help relieve headaches. It relaxes nerves and can be used to stimulate the thymus gland which helps you in your fight against disease. Because of this and its ability to aid in stress reduction it’s great for relieving headaches. For a full list of its properties go to http://www.crystalguidance.com/AmethystCrystals.html
Fluorite is one of the best crystals for eliminating headaches and associated symptoms and even may be used to eliminate headaches as they occur such as during a migraine. It’s also often used to relieve stress and bring more mental clarity and motivation. For a full list of its properties go to: http://www.crystalguidance.com/FluoriteCrystals.html
Garnet is a crystal used for protection, healing, courage and desire. It helps with head tension, headaches and migraines and has been known to help with vision problems such as near-sightedness. For a comprehensive list of its qualities go to: http://www.crystalguidance.com/GarnetCrystals.html

crystals that help with headaches
crystals that help with headaches

Crystals That Help with Migraines

One of the most effective ways to fight migraines is to use a combination of different crystals. This means you can incorporate: Calcite, Hematite, Jasper, Moorstone and Selenite along with Activated Charcoal. [5]Reducing negative emotions such as anger, hatred, sadness and fear. [6]For a full list of its benefits go to: http://www.crystalguidance.com/Migrainecrystals.html
Migraines & Crystals
Crystal therapy has been used for many centuries by cultures all over the world. In India, Tibet and China it has been used for thousands of years especially in times of stress and pain. [7]It is believed to be one of the oldest forms of healing. The history of crystal healing can be traced back to early Egypt, where crystals were used as amulets and charms. [8]
The uses of crystals for healing are in fact quite simple. They are simply electrical conductor and the body is made up of atoms and molecules. By using crystals you can heal your body naturally and without drugs. They have been used throughout the ages by many cultures, ancient Egyptians included. [9]
Migraine sufferers need to know that crystals can work on the physical as well as mental side of pain. Even though there are different kinds of stones, almost all of them support you in your healing process. A crystal can absorb the energy that is in your body and help you release it.

crystals that help with headaches
crystals that help with headaches

Using Crystals to Restore Balance & Healing the Mind-Body Connection

You may have heard of the idea of healing the body, but you haven’t heard much about healing the mind as well. Just like your body, your thoughts and emotions will also become toxic if you don’t make better choices that are good for you. The right crystals can help to restore your mind back to health by helping to reduce negative thoughts, eliminate toxins and balance energies. [7]These crystals are: Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline. [8]
Smoky Quartz is a clear crystal that contains inclusions of dark and light smoky quartz. It is a grounding stone and helps to balance the energies of the body and mind, as well as providing protection from negative energy and negativity. Smoky Quartz can help to restore your mind back to a healthy state by helping to reduce negative thoughts, eliminate toxins and balance energies. Smoky Quartz can help to bring more clarity to your mind and will also work to help you be more focused. [9]
Black Tourmaline is a brown to black crystal with banding and also has inclusions of black tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is a very powerful healing stone that is excellent for use during meditation. This crystal helps your body to heal itself and balance energies over time, including the emotions and wisdom at the heart of the physical body. Black Tourmaline can help to restore your mind back to a healthy state by helping to eliminate negative thinking, balance the body and restore its natural wisdom. [10]

crystals that help with headaches
crystals that help with headaches

The Power of Crystals in Your Daily Life

You don’t have to be ill to benefit from the power of crystals. The right crystals in your life can help you: Improve your health and well-being. [9,10] Nurture your emotions so that you feel happier, more hopeful and at peace. [11] Help clear and balance your chakras, which will increase the energy flow in your body. [12] Support your spiritual growth and higher purpose. [13] Enhance your ability to manifest your goals. [14]
If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, or need some new ideas and inspiration, the following crystals can help you get unstuck. [15]
Which crystals should you use? All of them! There’s no right or wrong crystal for a situation, so pick the one that resonates with your needs and desires at the moment. [16] Experiment with crystals on a daily basis if possible! Try different stones, or different combinations of stones. [16]
As you work with your crystals, you’ll notice that each stone offers its own specific energy and vibration. See which one feels the most comfortable to you. [17] You may also want to keep a journal of the crystals you use, noting how they make you feel and any results or changes you notice in your body, mind and emotions. [18]

crystals that help with headaches
crystals that help with headaches