5 Ways to Wear a Dress When it’s Too Hot Out!


1. Layering

Let’s start by talking about what to wear under your dress. It’s a common misconception that you need to wear just tights and a cardigan in the winter time. What you wear as under garments is dependent on what type of fabric your dress is made of. think about it this way, if you’re wearing a dress with a delicate fabric then no clothing underneath is good as a whole it’ll melt. If you’re wearing a dress made of tulle or lace that could tear easily then it’s better to wear more than one layer on the lower half like leggings, panties, tights and underwear. There’s no need to choose tights over stockings, it really comes down to what is comfortable for the day. I have a pair of cardigans that are long enough to be worn over dresses, that way I’m still warm but still feel like I’m not being swallowed by clothing.
If you’re attending a formal event, or in my case Prom you’ll need to cover up your shoulders and arms. You can either wear a strapless bra underneath and cover the exposed areas with straps, or wear a capelet. I told y’all I was obsessed with them right? lol. It’s the best way to stay warm without being burdened by the bulkiness of a coat. Can you tell my personal style is quite bohemian / hippie inspired? I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not but hey, whatever works right?

alexis short sleeve shirt dress
alexis short sleeve shirt dress

2. Short Sleeve Dresses

For short-sleeve dresses, the most important thing is to ensure that you wear a dress that fits properly. And to do this, we have to talk about bra straps. Bra straps should not be seen on the outside of your clothing. Nobody wants to see that! Especially in a dress where it’s easy for them to be visible! So when you’re buying a short sleeve dress, ensure you buy one that fits you correctly. Read the reviews on the sizing chart to make sure it is the right size for your body.
First check if the sleeves are the right length. We all know that some of our favorite dresses come in short sleeve versions, but there is a simple thing that can make or break it. The sleeves should not be any shorter than your wrists! If they’re any shorter, you probably won’t be able to wear them with your arms down.
Secondly, look at the length of the bodice. It should end just above the knee. Don’t wear short sleeve dresses that are too long like ankle length or cropped! They won’t be very flattering. Also check the back of the dress if it’s plunging or loose fitting to see if you will be able to wear a bra with it.
If you think you need to wear a bra with your dress, go for a non-sheer version. They will be much more comfortable that way. Don’t forget to consider the straps! They should not be drooping of the shoulder or too small!

alexis short sleeve shirt dress
alexis short sleeve shirt dress

3. Belted Dress

Belted dresses are kind of tricky. It’s not a good idea to wear a belt if you have a large bust as it will make your chest look even larger. So if you’re worried about your chest size, you should probably go without. But if you decide to wear one, ensure that the belt is positioned in the middle so that it doesn’t draw attention to your chest. You should also make sure the belt is slim so it’s not a distraction that takes away from the look of your dress.
Wearing a belt is a great way to add texture and colour to your look. The dress I am wearing today has a simple yet geometric pattern with just enough colour on the belt to make it pop. Shoes are also key in creating the illusion that you’re not wearing a belt. Ankle boots, open-toe sandals, or low heels are all great choices for wearing a subtle belt without making your look too busy.
Bethan Goulbourne – Boho-inspired floral lace dress // black belt // beige pumps, Elizabeths Alexander McQueen bag.
I used the Freebie 6 Basic Templates – Square Box. I made sure the main emphasis of the dress was visible through this template, and that there were no distracting elements to take away from the main focus.

alexis short sleeve shirt dress
alexis short sleeve shirt dress

4. Prints and Patterns

When it comes to prints and patterns, it’s best to keep them small in scale. Larger prints and patterns on the top half of your body will look good when paired with a print that is smaller or more subtle. You can also wear large patterns over small patterns however this only works if the small patterns are small. So if you do decide to wear a dress with a pattern make sure that you consider these factors.
Come autumn let your style shine in a shift dress. Whether you’re meeting friends for lunch or going to work, wearing a shift dress is always convenient. With the array of colors and designs available, you can find one that will bring out the best in your personality.
It’s not only about what you wear but how it fits on you. You’ll want to make sure that the dress isn’t too tight or too loose because these extremes can make it seem like you aren’t paying attention to detail. A shift dress should fit at the knee and if it’s too long you can always get it shortened.
Pairing a nice print with black leggings will enhance its character and make those leggings look like a million bucks! If you’re not a fan of plain black pants or leggings, this combination is for you.

alexis short sleeve shirt dress
alexis short sleeve shirt dress

5. Dress Pantsuit

More modern styles of dress include pantsuits for both women and men. These are a great alternative to formal suits and are really comfortable to wear in the office or on the streets. But when it comes to pantsuits, it’s important to consider the sizing of your outfit as these can be tighter fitting than other clothing. If you have a large bust then make sure to choose one that has a zip in the back as this will help you access your bra with ease. If you are buying a pantsuit for the first time it is best to go down a size as pantsuits should always be fitted. Pantsuits are usually made of thick and smooth fabrics with a slim tailored cut and this can be flattering to small waistlines and enhance curves. If you like to wear long dresses then pantsuits are not for you as they are shorter than most other clothing styles. Pantsuit styles include the classic flare style and the ankle length styles. These tend to go well with formal shoes and other clothing accessories such as handbag and jewellery.
1. Classic flares:
The best way to dress in a pantsuit is with a pair of fitted trousers, or skinnies, which will give your legs extra definition, making your legs look longer. These pantsuits are ideal for women with an hourglass figure as they will support your waist and make it appear more slender. If you want to wear shorts under the pantsuit, you should make sure that the shorts are not too short because this will draw attention to your hips and thighs.
2. Fashion flares:

alexis short sleeve shirt dress
alexis short sleeve shirt dress