7 Reasons You Need a Black and White Collared Shirt


Reason #1: It’s a great all-purpose piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down

Since a crew-neck, cotton button down shirt is made out of a general fabric, it can be worn for work and play without looking too formal. The long sleeves are perfect for fall weather to keep the cold at bay and provide plenty of time to layer up underneath. Although the collar is not buttoned, the cuffed sleeves are great for pre-game warm ups. The rounded neckline is a great way to pair it with anything and the fabric on the backside of the shirt will hold everything in place. Generally, a black and white collared shirt is worn by most men as a staple piece of their wardrobe. [Source]
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black and white collared shirt
black and white collared shirt

Reason #2: It’s perfect for the US summer

With the long sleeves and full collar, there’s no need to worry about getting a sun-kissed neck. The black color stands out against the white collar and cuffs, but is still subtle enough not to be over the top. If you’re not the one to throw on a polo at the office, then this shirt is perfect for showing off your athletic physique.
Title:Reason #3: It’s perfect for the US summer
“For me, the key to really getting into a polo shirt is layering. For example, my T-shirt or a button-up shirt, layered over a button down or blazer will make your look feel much more put together. I would also recommend wearing your blazer with your polo if you have one. This will make your look feel more polished and appropriate for the event you’re going to. A polo with a blazer is definitely my favorite combination.”
Title:Reason #4: It’s perfect for the US summer

black and white collared shirt
black and white collared shirt

Reason #3: Black and white shirts are timeless

Although I recommended a black and white crew-neck, you can definitely wear a different color combination. Black and blue, or white and grey combinations would look great on the same body type. Black shirts are also ideal for pairing with neutral color shorts, like tan or khaki for an extra pop of white. We’ve seen celebrities like Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa rock the look in their music videos, but it’s just as good for a casual outing with friends.
Headwear is also a key piece to complete this ensembled look, and I would recommend wearing a wide brim-profile hat. When Kanye West (and Wiz Khalifa, too) wear baseball caps at the beach, it really shows off the color of their shirt.
Since it’s summertime and you want a more fun look for your weekend getaway, go with a more bold polka-dot pattern to match your shorts.
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black and white collared shirt
black and white collared shirt

Reason #4: It goes with everything

Just like our previous article on the three-piece suit, you can pair this shirt with almost anything in your closet. Dark denim looks great with white bottoms, as do black and brown shoes. A pair of loafers are also a good match for a button down if you plan on wearing it to work. Black pants and shorts look fantastic with a button down, as does a polo and khaki shorts. Fit and flare pants are a top choice for this type of shirt. You should avoid pairing button downs with blue jeans, however. They just don’t go together well.
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black and white collared shirt
black and white collared shirt

Reason #5: You’re never going to want to take it off

You just can’t go wrong with a button up shirt. They are typically modern and casual, but they are very versatile. You can pair it with a sweater or blazer for a touch of class or wear it to the office in skinny jeans and sneakers. This article on putting your best foot forward will give you some great ideas for using a button down shirt to get noticed by potential employers. But you can also just wear it with some dark wash jeans and sneakers for a casual lifestyle. The options are endless!
But the biggest reason why you are going to want to wear this shirt all the time is because it actually feels good. They come in a variety of different fabrics that all have varying degrees of weight and texture. Some articles are very thin and light, but still very warm. Other shirts are made from smooth flannel to rough cottons that provide a bit of texture and character. In addition, they come in many different colors as well or even designs on them like stripes or embroidery.
So if you’re looking for a shirt that’s just as versatile as you are, go with a button up shirt. You’re never going to want to take it off!
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black and white collared shirt
black and white collared shirt