A Guide to the Essential Wedding Day Etiquette for Newlyweds


Introduction: What’s the Best Way to Do Things on Your Wedding Day?

The best way to do things on your wedding day is to be prepared. You can be prepared by making a list of tasks that need doing and planning how you want the day to go ahead of time. It will help you get a sense for what kind of preparation and planning you want, so that everything runs smoothly. It will also help you get your priorities straight and make sure that you’re not forgetting anything. You should also keep your mind open to any changes that may be needed. Even the most organized among us have unexpected events occur.
For example, only days before our wedding, our tuxedo was stolen out of the trunk of my car. I decided to call it good, and not waste any more time planning what I would do in the event that we didn’t get a new tux within a given time frame. It’s much better to be able to enjoy your wedding, even with a tux that wasn’t what you’d originally planned, than to spend your day stressing and feeling upset.

bride and groom with a broom
bride and groom with a broom

The Dos and Don’ts of Planning & Organizing Your Wedding Day

DO start your planning early. Do make a list of tasks that need doing and how you want the day to go. The longer you leave it, the more will be on your list and less time you have to do things. DO be prepared with a plan B in case things go wrong. Cancelling your honeymoon and photocopying your birth certificate isn’t that bad, is it? DO write a list of who you want to invite. Don’t forget that people, even friends and family, have lives of their own and may not be able to make it on the day. DON’T expect your parents to pay for it. Not that they should have done so in the first place, but by now you should be well-established enough to pay for your own day. DO read up on what’s happening on the big day. This way you can learn about everything from how to tie a tie, leaving parties, catching a bouquet and confetti etiquette. DISCOVER: The Dos and Don’ts of Planning Your Wedding Day

bride and groom with a broom
bride and groom with a broom

The Little Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Plan Even Before Your Wedding Day – A Concise List of Key Responsibilities

Know who you want to invite. Make a list of people to ask as guests, and let them know. Discuss how you want to do this with your parents.
Determine budget. Start a separate account to save money, or build an itemized list of what you want and find the best deals.
Find your venue. A church, catering hall, or park are all possible wedding sites. Choose a place that is meaningful to you and memorable for guests. Search online for booking dates and any required deposits.
Figure out your dress code – will it be black tie optional? Find out what’s appropriate at your venue and then decide on your formality level based on that information.
Book your officiant. Find one that you trust and will be a good fit for your wedding.
Choose the processional, or walking down the aisle. If you want to do this as just the groom, it’s very important that both parties agree on the processional music beforehand so they don’t end up looking at each other during this momentous part of their day.

bride and groom with a broom
bride and groom with a broom