Ana De Armas- Eye Color History


Introduction: What is Ana De Armas?

Ana de Armas (Ana de Armas) is a Spanish actress, singer and dancer. She won the most important award in Spain in 2015: the Princess of Asturias Award for her contribution to society’s welfare. She has been nominated for many prizes including an Emmy, a Goya and an Oscar. To qualify for the award, she needed to act in her home country (Spain) but not a third country (Argentina).
She was born in Madrid, Spain, on 24 December 1959. Her birth name is Ana García de Armas. She lived first in Córdoba and then moved to Madrid.
Ana de Armas was awarded an Oscar as Best Actress in 1986 for her performance in the film The Maids of Plaza España (“Las Tias”). She has also won a Goya Award (1995), a BAFTA Award (1997) and an Emmy (1998).
She is a member of the “Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid” (The Association of Fine Arts of Madrid) where she is associated with the Spanish Academy of Film. She is also a member of the Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences in Hollywood, where she is part of the Spanish delegation.
Ana de Armas was born in Madrid, Spain on 24 December 1959, Ana García de Armas. She has won many awards including a Silver Apple for her contributions to Spanish cinema. She has also won an Oscar, Goya and BAFTA Awards.
She was awarded a Silver Apple Award in Spain in 2013 “for making the best contribution to Spanish cinema”.

ana de armas eye color
ana de armas eye color

How to Choose the Best Eyes for Your Face Shape

As we said above, the shape of your eyes can give you the type of look that is most attractive to the opposite sex. You can have big eyes or small eyes and they’ll still be stunning because it complements your face shape. Eyes can be natural looking or they can match the colours you wear. You’re the only one who knows what colour eyes suit you best, so choosing the right eyes for your face shape is as easy as 1-2-3.
Face Shape: Round
This face shape is characterised by a rounded chin and forehead, with little or no cheekbones. If you have a round face, using cosmetics to draw attention away from your nose is recommended. To find out what colour eyes that suit you best, click on this link and see the video:
Facial features that work together
You can use any of the following to enhance your eyes:

ana de armas eye color
ana de armas eye color

How to Contour Your Eyes for a Perfect Smokey Look

Contouring your eyes will draw focus to the outer most portions of your face and it will create that flawless smokey look. It’s important to use a concealer that matches your skin tone. If you use one that is too light, it will create a reverse effect and it will draw attention to the dark circles under your eyes.
Find The Right Concealer:
If you want to achieve the perfect smoky eye, you need to be very careful when selecting the correct type of concealer. It’s important to get the correct match of your concealer with your skin tone as well as your eye color. It is recommended to use a concealer that matches your skin tone for the shade of shadow you want. If your skin is on the darker side, use a yellow based concealer. If you’re fair, use a green based concealer for your eyes and if you have light skin with pink undertones, select a pink based one.
Use The Right Techniques:

ana de armas eye color
ana de armas eye color

The Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Brown Eyes

Perfect for women who want to try the smoky eye look and those who are just looking for the perfect palette to complete their daily makeup routine. They come in a variety of colours to match any skin tone. Some are cream based while others are powder based and they all have amazing shades. You can also find affordable options as well as high end costlier ones.
Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette
A little different than the traditional palette, this comes in a long tube and each of the shadows is separate. It still manages to be compact and fit into a small area, so that you can bring it along with you wherever you go. As it contains six different colours, it is perfect for someone who wants to add a pop of colour to their eyes without doing too much damage that day.
Smashbox Step-by-Step Eyeshadow Kit

ana de armas eye color
ana de armas eye color