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Introduction: What is an AI Writing Assistant and How Does it Actually Work?

I’ll be honest. When I first heard that AI was coming to the writing world, I thought it was a joke. After all, most computers can barely make a sentence grammatically correct. But then I saw the demo and I realized what an incredible tool this would be for content creators, much like Google Docs and other programs that have already revolutionized our work flow.
I’ll start with the basics. Basically, an AI Writing Assistant is a program that, much like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, allows you to write without having to worry about pesky grammar and spelling errors. You write your document as you normally would, in whichever word processor you choose (though we suggest Google Docs since that’s what we use). Then with a click of a button, AIWA takes the text from the document and edits it for you. The skill level will be adjustable depending on how advanced your writing is. You can choose which words to capitalize, how many of your adverbs to correct, which parts of speech are made plural and so on and so forth.

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baby shower outfit for dad

How AI Writing Tools can Help with 5 Amazing Use Cases

TITLE GENERATOR–No matter how great you are at writing titles, there comes a point when you need a little help. With AI writing tools, you can generate potential title ideas based on search algorithms and pull the best one that matches your content.
The New York Times has a great article on how they use this technique to generate over 900 titles for their writing staff to choose from, eliminating the need for writers to spend time scrolling through mobile and desktop title suggestions. (Source:
BACKGROUND GENERATOR–Whether you’re writing up a blog or laying out a marketing campaign, having the right information to support your claims is essential. AI writing tools can retrieve relevant and specific data on a topic and format it for your use.

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baby shower outfit for dad

AI Writing Assistant, A Copywriter & Marketer’s Best Friend to Save Time & Money

CHARACTER NAMING GENERATOR–Nothing will kill your writing faster than a really bad character name. This tool can generate hundreds of name ideas based on search algorithms and pull the best names that match your characters.
You can filter results by: gender, name length, words in the name, domains matching.
This tool covers multiple culture backgrounds and has a great ‘Filter’ feature to create exactly what you are looking for. You can pull ideas that fit your characters search criteria, pull 50 if you want…
Consider this tool if your stuck coming up with a character name or trying to find something that fits your story needs. Its free, quick and easy to use…read more.
Google Chrome extension:
Google extension What’s My Name?:
AI Character Generator (no download required):
“Legion” : Seth Rogen and Paul Dano’s Favorite Show

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baby shower outfit for dad

What are the Best AI Writing Tools And Websites in the Market

AI WRITING TOOLS–This is where I think Google Docs, and other programs are going to have a lot of competition. If you have an account with either Google Docs or Dropbox, you can send content out to these tools to be written by computers. I have been using Grammarly for a while now, and it has enhanced my writing greatly. There are many free programs out there that provide similar services. I think this is the way AI writing tools are going to work in the future. You can either pay a monthly fee or just by yearly subscriptions.
AI WRITING TOOL WEBSITES–There are many websites where you can hire human writers to help you write content on your site. These websites can be found on the web, but I would recommend creating an account with them on their website. But I also recommend also posting your own content as well to expose more people to what your business is providing.

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baby shower outfit for dad

How to Choose Which AI

BUYING A WRITING TOOL–I think the market will eventually be flooded by AI writing tools, much like we did with copywriters in the past. So, it’s best to purchase one sooner rather than later and get on the early lock-dwon list.
WHAT YOU’LL NEED–I needed to write this piece, so I decided to get a clunky old-fashioned pen and paper. As the headline suggests, the tool I chose was pocket-sized. That’s not a typo. I couldn’t find anything that would fit in my pants pocket, so I opted for something very small. You can carry it in your back pocket or something.

baby shower outfit for dad
baby shower outfit for dad