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What makes Anthony Ramos unique in the world of acting? How did he get there? What lessons has he learned along the way? Why are people talking about him now, and what can you do to try to attract the same type of attention and buzz that he got from his peak in the late 90s video game boom?

But what is it about Anthony Ramos, then? What is it about him that makes him unique and interesting at all? Is it his background as a champion chess player, or is it the fact he’s been able to successfully transition from acting in a video game to acting on Broadway as well? Anthony Ramos has had an interesting path in his career. It’s not an easy one, but he has made significant impressions all over the world. With that said, let’s dive into what makes this guy so special and how he got there.
He actually started out playing chess at the age of 5 and turned pro by 8. His parents recognized his talent and moved the family to the Dominican Republic so that he could train in something he was interested in. The downside of this move was that he had no secondary education at all, which meant that when it was time for college, his options were limited.

anthony ramos and jasmine cephas jones
anthony ramos and jasmine cephas jones

Anthony’s Story – From Bad Boy Actor to Rock Star

Anthony Ramos is a Puerto Rican-born American actor. He was born on March 17, 1979 in the Bronx, New York. His first role ever was in a movie called Children of the Night with Faye Dunaway in 1991. In 1995 he was was in a movie called “Bullet” with Mickey Rourke and in 1996 he was in the movie “The Crow”. He also guest starred on TV shows like Law and Order, Third Watch, NYPD Blue and many more. He also starred in the movie “Blue Crush” with Kate Bosworth in 2001.
Anthony was in his high school when he started acting. He did the classes at Bradford High School with the Puerto Rican kids. They all wanted to act, but their parents kept telling them that they can’t be actors because they are Puerto Ricans. Anthony got into a fight with one of his friends that day and ended up getting expelled from school for two years.
He turn to street for a living. He strived to be in this world. He sold drugs, he stole, he did whatever he had too do.

anthony ramos and jasmine cephas jones
anthony ramos and jasmine cephas jones

Anthony’s New Book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Acting’ Just released – An Essential Course for Beginners & Professionals

In this video, Anthony Ramos talks a little bit about his “ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ACTING”, which is now available on Amazon! The book has become a best-seller in the beginning of 2018. Why? Anthony says, “It includes everything from the basics of acting to more advanced techniques for using and understanding your body in performance.
And it’s not just for actors. I think anybody who’s considering a career in entertainment should have a copy of this book on their desk or by their bedside.” Click the link above to find out more!
Anthony Ramos is an actor, singer-songwriter, and Columbia University graduate.
In 2004, he played Nicky in the Fox Television/Paramount Television production of “American Dreams” and subsequently appeared on NBC’s “Boston Legal” and “Law & Order”. In 2006, he won a TCA Award for Outstanding Youth Actor in a New TV series for his portrayal of Michael Staczynski in “Boston Legal”. In 2007, he was cast as the second lead character Nicholas ‘Sonny’ Carbone on ABC Family’s hit teen drama series The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
In 2008, he played the lead character in the play “Sarafina!” in Los Angeles.

anthony ramos and jasmine cephas jones
anthony ramos and jasmine cephas jones