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How to Declutter Your Closet in a Month

It might seem like a daunting task, but the outcome will be well worth it for your sanity. You may be hesitant however, to see all of those clothes you haven’t worn in years and wonder where on earth to store them? There is an easy answer, while you will still do the mental decluttering at a later time. Whether it’s on a small budget or not, this technique will work for anyone no matter what. You just have to set aside a weekly window of time and tackle a closet at a time. I know what you’re thinking, that’s easier said than done! The good news is you can get it done and still have time to do the other things you enjoy.
Here are some useful tips and tricks:
* Start with the shoes. Shoes tend to be the heaviest in your closet so I suggest putting a box below them or stacking them on top of each other in a pile. Then move on to the next closet for the next set of shoes.

everything must go closet cleanout
everything must go closet cleanout