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Ladies Be Like, Then In Love With Robert Pattinson & Bella Hadid As a Couple

Robert Pattinson and Bella Hadid, two of the biggest names in the modeling and acting industries respectively, are dating, according to several reports. According to US Weekly, which just broke the news on Wednesday (July 20), Robert Pattinson and Bella Hadid have been secretly getting to know each other for several months. The publication has said that the pair have been “sitting close together at the couches at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont Hotel discreetly chatting.”
The two were first spotted in public together at a dinner date in February. They’ve been spotted plenty of times since then, including walking hand-in-hand and sharing a quiet dinner date there a few weeks ago.
Robert Pattinson has also reportedly been spending more time with Bella Hadid’s brother, and is said to sleep over at her house about four times a week.
In another US Weekly report published on Thursday (July 21), the two were photographed speeding in a car with their arms wrapped around one another. It was reported that they’re seen “laughing as they ride back to her apartment.” Bella Hadid’s father also confirmed the pair are dating.
Robin Givhan, an American journalist who has covered Robert Pattinson for several years, said the news was “the best thing that could have happened” to him.
The publication also asked whether the two were dating and Robert Pattinson was quoted as saying: “No comment.”
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bella hadid and robert pattinson
bella hadid and robert pattinson