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The beauty of the Calvin Klein t-shirt dress is in its simplicity. The cotton knit fabric can be dressed up or down, and it comes in a variety of colors to match any event. Unlike other denim-material pants, the t-shirt dress is impervious to staining. The back features a zipper and belt loops. There are four pockets, which are perfect for holding your lipstick, money or cellphone. The skirt portion of the Calvin Klein t-shirt dress is slightly flared at the bottom to accentuate your legs and make you look long and lean.
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calvin klein t shirt dress
calvin klein t shirt dress

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A good t-shirt dress is easy to wear and can be dressed down or dressed up. It’s perfect for an informal party, a fun night on the town, and even a pair of jeans. A link to this page from another website is not permitted. (Site note: I had to remove the ad above as it violates our advertising policy.)
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calvin klein t shirt dress
calvin klein t shirt dress