Cam Newton Is a Jerk and Should Be Sent to the Island


Introduction: Cam Newton Is A Jerk, What are His Crimes?

Cam Newton has been accused of crimes including stealing, being a poor teammate, and disrespecting the game. He has been punished by the NFL, investigated by the NCAA and at one point was outright banned from college football. Cam Newton is a major league athlete and gets the maximum benefit of the doubt, but his actions paint a picture of a person who is either mentally or emotionally immature and needs to be watched closely.
Major incidents:
1. In 2011, Laron Landry accused Cam Newton of stealing his laptop, which was later found in the University of Florida’s Student Union.
Cam Newton was banned from the University for the remainder of that semester.
2. In 2012, the NCAA investigated Cam Newton for selling his Independence Bowl Jersey to a local store. The jersey was signed with a marker, which is against NCAA rules to sell a jersey that has been tampered with in any way.
3. In 2012, Cam Newton was accused of forcing a teammate to pay $400 for two stolen laptops. According to the teammate, he had no means to pay that amount of money. Fortunately for him, the police did not find any evidence that supported the teammates claims.

cam newton is a jerk
cam newton is a jerk

Cam Newton’s Perfectly Timed �� #1 Fan Vid Shows Exactly How Much He Likes Himself

Just as anyone else who has ever bothered to check their ego at the door, Cam Newton is constantly boasting about how great of a person he is. He claims to be a hard worker and gives back to the community through his charity work. Is that enough proof that he is mentally or emotionally mature? Is it enough proof that he is doing well in school? This video is the perfect example of Cam Newton’s inflated ego. He’s always talking about how great he is, and how everything we do is a fluke. Cam Newton’s videos are a perfect example of his arrogance and need for attention. Rather than doing anything productive, Cam Newton talks about himself non-stop while talking to himself in the mirror. It’s pathetic to watch.
To put this video in perspective, here are a few quotes from the greatest player in the world, Cam Newton, before and after his 2nd Super Bowl victory:”I’m tired of it being talked about all day. I’m tired of it being beat to death. Let’s focus on something else.” “I think most importantly for me is just trying to keep my family together and that was what it was about for me. I think that’s what I tried to keep my family focused on when it was all said and done.” – Cam Newton

cam newton is a jerk
cam newton is a jerk

How Cam Newton is Pushing NFL Players to the Edge of a Cliff

Newton is not the only one who has lost and will lose sleep over this. Several NFL players have also been accused of stealing, and that includes the offensive line in Carolina. On several occasions, Newton has been seen stealing another player’s bag and rifling through it to see what’s inside without asking for permission. The second video of him doing this was tweeted out by Sean Payton. If Cam Newton has a problem with other NFL players, he should have them come over to his house so he can try and steal their things when his mom is not around. Cam Newton can complain about other players stealing until he’s blue in the face, but if the shoe fits, it sits comfortably on his foot.
Source: [New York Post]
Title:I Spy Cam Newton’s Camouflage Jacket
With Cam Newton, the only thing unusual about his look is how consistent it is. He plays in an NFL game every week with a quarterback uniform that looks like it was custom-tailored just for him. His No. 1 jersey looks like a weapon of mass destruction, complete with his gleaming gold pants and crowning helmet.
Now throw Newton a camo jacket, because that’s what the Panthers’ signal-caller did for Halloween this year. It was apparent when he took the field against Green Bay on Monday night. All of a sudden, Newton became one of the league’s top-tier players. The Panthers’ franchise quarterback is a leader, and in the game I Spy Cam Newton’s Camouflage Jacket , he shows you how to be one — and we’ll show you how to do it without destroying your bank account.
Source: [Bleacher Report]
Title:Cam Newton and the Knee-Jerk Reactionary Culture of Social Media

cam newton is a jerk
cam newton is a jerk

What Can Cam Newton Learn From Vonta Leach’s Career as a Steeler

Cam Newton believes that he is entitled to have everything he wants without putting in the work or at least asking for it. Vonte Leach was a veteran player who was an All-Pro in 2009 and 2010. He made his way to New England, where they won their first Super Bowl under coach Bill Belichick. While playing for the Patriots, Leach was known as a very good player, but he did not get accolades like Cam Newton. He was never allowed to speak in the locker room or call himself a starter. He was just a guy who was there to make plays on the field – no more and no less.
That is why Cam Newton should learn from Vonte Leach’s career with the Patriots.
This is what Cam Newton should do if he wants to be taken seriously. He should start by being humble and ask for what he thinks he deserves as a player. He is not going to have this opportunity anywhere else in the NFL except with the Carolina Panthers. He has the opportunity to show that he can be that guy who can be a part of a team instead of an individual who always seeks to make himself look good.
Cam Newton should embrace his role on the team; he is not the main show. He is a part of a team and he needs to keep that in perspective.

cam newton is a jerk
cam newton is a jerk

What if Cam Newtons Teammates Dressed Up in Funny Reminders of His Jerkyness Every Day for 5 Days?

Cam Newton’s actions seem to be getting worse rather than better. He is always trying to act like a star, and hates having people talk about him in a negative light. If he wants to be the best athlete in the NFL, he would do well to play along and make fun of himself without being so serious all the time. Cam Newton’s actions could be a great lesson in humility, but he doesn’t think that way. Instead, he thinks that the only thing that defines him is how much money he makes and how many awards he wins. Cam Newton wants to make it in the NFL, but if some one doesn’t like him they should get out of his way. He’s not confronting them because he wants to change how they act; he’s confronting them because they’re making him unhappy. He wants to be respected and loved, so he loses his temper when people don’t give him the respect and love he so strongly desires.
He never gets mad about things that matter. He gets mad about every little thing, but rarely does big things affect him in a negative manner. If he did get mad about something that mattered, it wouldn’t be because he thought it mattered; it would be because his team was losing or if someone was lighting him up in front of millions of people on shows like Sunday night football. He spends all of his time on the field and in the stands, spending not a second on his own personal happiness.
He doesn’t live how he plays. He’s proud of how hard he works, but he’s not living how he plays. He thinks that if he spends all of his time working, being very serious, and talking about it with people who share his passion for football, then everything will go well for him. But this only works for him because he’s a star athlete who has a lot of money. If his approach to life was written into a book, I don’t think very many people would read it.

cam newton is a jerk
cam newton is a jerk