Can T Wang Wit It? A Guide on How to Get the Most out of Your Social Media Marketing


Introduction: What is a Social Media Marketing Strategy and Why Should I Care?

There is no doubt that social media has changed the way in which we communicate with one another and how we consume information. In fact, according to research by Pew (commissioned by Twitter), 73% of adults in the United States use social media. Furthermore, 52% of those surveyed stated that they had talked about a product or brand on social media within the past month. Social media and social media marketing have become so important to the success of a business that it is quickly becoming a staple within most organizations.
So what is social media marketing?
Social media marketing can be defined in many ways. For the purposes of this paper, I have personally chosen to use the definition that has been provided by JESS3 in its blog: “Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the practice of driving traffic and awareness to your website using social networking sites and applications like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube.” The purpose of this definition is to clearly state that SMM is centered around driving traffic and awareness to a website. Therefore, it is up to the individual organization to determine what they want to achieve and how they will get there.
The practice of SMM is not new; however, just as marketing has changed over time, so has the way in which social media marketing is used.

can t wang wit it
can t wang wit it

How to Set Up Your Social Media Plan

A promotional plan is a necessary element of any marketing strategy. It is the document that provides your customers with a roadmap to help them envision how your business can benefit them. Without such a plan, you will be operating on hearsay and assumptions. The most important thing for any business to consider is the social media channel you would like to focus on. As with any marketing channel, making the commitment to utilize it properly is critical if you hope to see a return on your initial investment. You need to garner a sense of pride from your customers as well as establish trust so that they will become loyal to your business.
Social media can be a very effective tool in helping find customers and building relationships with them. It is important to consider the digital landscape in which you will operate. This landscape consists of more than just Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The increase in social media networks has been exponential, which means there is a lot more to consider when planning for your brand’s presence.
Social media is also used for a number of purposes other than marketing, from educating consumers about products and services to providing customer feedback. As with any marketing channel, there are a number of different ways to approach it. We have outlined some of the best practices for incorporating social media into your promotional plan below.
1. Choose Your Social Media Platform Wisely
Social media is, in essence, just another form of advertising. It all comes down to the type of content you create and the frequency you post it. However, when compared with traditional media channels such as television or print media, social media has a few advantages. The first is the ability to target your audience. It is possible to reach a specific demographic or localize posts through social media channels. For example, you can choose to promote a sale in New York City via Twitter while promoting a special in Chicago over Instagram.

can t wang wit it
can t wang wit it

Which Tools to Use for Your Social Media Plan

PINTEREST – PINTEREST is a network of websites and blogs that was created to reach out to an older demographic. The marketing itself is not very potent but the demographic it reaches serves as an effective complement to other social media channels. One of the challenges with Pinterest is that it will force you to use keywords in your posts so that people are able to find your work. This can be quite time-consuming if you use a lot of images as opposed to text and videos. On the bright side, Pinterest is a huge network and can be a great complement to other social media platforms.
Facebook – This is a very popular social media platform and it is free to join. For most people, Facebook is their first point of contact with other people and brand awareness can be created here by creating groups and pages that are dedicated to your personal interests. You may also want to create an update page or group page where you can post your latest work in bite-sized pieces. The key is to keep engaging and be consistent.

can t wang wit it
can t wang wit it

What are the Best Social Media Platforms?

Facebook – anyone who posts can reach a significant amount of people very quickly and easily. Facebook also has its own unique community, where users can like each other’s pages, which makes engagement with them much easier.
Twitter – Twitter has a huge following but not a lot of monetization, which makes it tricky for visibility and engagement. Due to its brevity, people will have little time to read your tweet or interact with you. You can set up a website for yourself using the Twitter widget or have your own website
Linkedin – people watch Linkedin closely for company news and updates. If you are looking for brand new employees this platform is great because of the large number of people on there. The search function is also very useful and it is free.
Google Plus – is a lot of fun, because you can do many things like share your places and photos with people. The user base on Google Plus is very small compared to other platforms but if your company has been around for a long time, it may be good to join this platform.
Instagram – Instagram is social media at its best – it’s simple, fast and easy to use, which makes it perfect for both beginners and professionals alike. Instagram is widely found in the social media space and can be used as customer service to notify people about anything from product release to menu changes. It’s one of the top photo sharing platforms with over 300 million daily users worldwide.

can t wang wit it
can t wang wit it

Conclusion: How You Can Improve Your Campaigns With the Help of Useful Tools & Strategies

The most important factors in your marketing strategy are the ones you can’t see. These are the ones that will promote your product, rather than kill it. You can use these tools and strategies to promote your brand without spending a lot of money or time. So, before you spend too much time reading this article, you should probably think about how you will be using these tools (if you plan on using them). I hope that this article helps spread awareness for a better understanding of social media marketing strategies. . If you have any suggestions on how to make this better, please let me know.
From the article [ARTICLE] “Conclusion: How You Can Improve Your Campaigns With the Help of Useful Tools & Strategies” :”Using the following strategies, you can succeed in your social media marketing strategies.”
First, let’s talk about the tools: 1. Google+ 2. Twitter 3. Facebook 4. LinkedIn 5. Pinterest 6. Instagram 7. Smarketing 8. Shopzilla 9. LinkedIn Answers 10. SuperBreaker
Now, let’s talk about the strategies: 1. Create a plan 2. Act on your plan 3. Manage your social media profiles 4. Use tools to measure 5. Change your strategy 6. Clearly state your company’s brand image 7. Develop a recognizable slogan 8. Be consistent 9. Test new ideas 10. Advertise 11. Never give up 12.. Educate yourself 13… Be active on social media 14. Add value to conversations 15. Be consistent with your social media marketing strategy 16. Keep your website updated

can t wang wit it
can t wang wit it