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Shopping & Style Guide to Black Linen Dress with Sleeves

Black linen dress with sleeves has become a popular choice for formal or semi-formal attire. The black dress offers style and sophistication with a less formal vibe that is perfect for the office or to wear at any other time of year. When shopping, look for long fitted lines and sleek panels, typically on the upper arm. Dress material should be cotton and/or linen as these materials are breathable and also wash easily using soap and warm water. Many dresses also come with a lined, collared, or sleeveless option. Black dresses are very versatile in that they can be worn with or without a cardigan. When shopping for your dress, keep in mind your height and body type. If you are petite and/or average height, try to find a dress that is below the knee but close to it since length increases with size.
The most important factor to look for when shopping for your dress is how the sleeves fit. Sleeves should never slide up or down; instead, they should lay flat on your arm, fitting like a glove. Additionally, try to find a style that is not too long and will allow you to wear with a cardigan or jacket if it becomes cold.
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black linen dress with sleeves
black linen dress with sleeves

How to Become a Fashion Influencer in 2018

What makes these individuals so influential, you ask? It’s their unique approach to fashion and their creative style. Influencers are not just bloggers or boutique owners like us, they’re also well-known designers that have built a solid reputation in the industry for years. These individuals have built up trust among followers by showing their genuine perspective and passion, which they then convert into revenue by selling their products or promoting other brands.
With that in mind, we’ve compiled some helpful tips on how to become a fashion influencer in 2018 and grow your following along the way.
Get Involved
Get involved with the industry if you want to become a fashion influencer. This doesn’t mean joining a big network and becoming one of many, however; this means creating your own unique identity within the fashion industry by doing something different than everybody else. You can become a fashion influencer by using your own unique style, offering your personal perspective, or being an expert in a niche market. Once you’ve established yourself as an influencer within your niche market, you can then start promoting other brands in order to grow your following.
Build Up Your Brand

black linen dress with sleeves
black linen dress with sleeves

Black Linen Dress for Dressing Up the Winter Season

The black dress is on trend for a reason. Adorned with vibrant colors, the black dress is one of the most common choices in women’s fashion as it can be equally versatile. You can pair a short sleeved black dress with a mini or tall statement necklace so you can transform your look while ensuring that you look great at all times.
One of the many reasons why black is a good choice is because it can be worn all year round. You can even wear it with your favorite boots and a pair of gloves. If you love to look classy but still want to look casual, then you should definitely consider buying a black dress for yourself! The black dress will always go with any kind of casual outfit and you can easily put on a pair of high heels or a pair of boots in order to feel more fashionable.

black linen dress with sleeves
black linen dress with sleeves

How to Make Your Own T-Shirt without a Sewing Machine or a Trade School Degree

The clothes you wear can make you feel confident, reflect your mood, and send a message. We do not intend to promote the use of any particular toners or products in this video. We want to show how easy it is for anyone to make their own clothes, even if they’ve never sewn before. We’ll also show you how you can design your own shirts without any special skills or expensive materials.
Once you make your t-shirt, you’re going to learn how to give it a fit. And because t-shirts are so versatile, we’ll teach you some tips on styling and accessorizing them too.
If you’re not concerned about color matching, then you can purchase one of the many T-shirt making kits already made.
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You can also follow along with this video to make your own t-shirt. These basic steps can be used to make almost any article of clothing. v=Gwh6UJ_rU68

black linen dress with sleeves
black linen dress with sleeves