Chloe Sevigny and Kate Moss at the Fall 2018 NYFW


The Fall 2018 New York Fashion Week: Chloe Sevigny and Kate Moss’s Style on the Catwalk

Chloe Sevigny: it’s hard to find a more different approach to fashion than Chloe Sevigny. She has a unique style that is definitely not your typical model look, but she is the face of the new line Opening Ceremony. We’ve seen her wear all different styles and colors, from bright colored coats and sweaters to fur vests and jackets. She looks amazing in anything however hot or cold that season is – but we are still excited to see what she will bring back this spring 2019.
Kate Moss: Kate Moss has been the face of the fashion revolution since her younger days. She has been known for her unique style that defies all standards. Since she started modeling, she has made headlines by wearing crazy pieces of clothing and following trends that no one else was following before. She is still the queen of fashion, and this season’s shows have shown us that she can pull off any look with ease.
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chloe sevigny and kate moss
chloe sevigny and kate moss

Trending Looks from the Show of Both Stars

For this show, both stars focused on the most basic essentials that speak for their personal style and sensibility. Kate Moss transformed into an iconic model look from the 80s with a simple navy dress and bow. Meanwhile, Chloe Sevigny went for a classic look of almost 100 years ago: a polka-dot dress, black pants and white boots. Both stars are definitely known for making bold style choices that never fail to be interesting and unique.
Here are the best looks from the show of both stars:
Kate Moss (Front Row) :
Portrait of International Model and Actress Kate Moss in a navy blue two-piece dress, with a fringed scarf and belt. The necklace is a personal ring from her son, Lyle. Kate is looking super cool in her dress, showing off her huge legs with that intricate belt. After being on the cover of Vogue Paris, she has become a model icon.
Chloe Sevigny :

chloe sevigny and kate moss
chloe sevigny and kate moss

Behind the Scenes with models backstage before their big moment on the catwalk

You can definitely say fashion is not only about the outfit, but also about the make-up, hair and accessories that complete the whole look. While most models tend to go for a bold lip color and simple hair, Kate Moss goes for almost no lipstick with her trademark messy bun. Meanwhile, Chloe Sevigny went for a darker pink lipstick with a smokey eye. Both models look absolutely amazing but they have different styles that are very individual.

chloe sevigny and kate moss
chloe sevigny and kate moss

Off-the-Racks Look at Some of our Fav Models’ Best Dressed Moments This Week

The models are always the stars on a runway, but they are also the ones being followed off stage after their show. This week, we saw some of our favorite models strutting on and off the stage, ready to go back to their dressing rooms. They have had one of their biggest moments this week, no matter if they came out looking amazing or not. Definitely not all look like models and they made sure we all loved the moment they were putting it out on the catwalk. The never look perfect and they always have fun while on the catwalk.
Kate Moss is actually a guru for all skater girls, post-punks and punk rockers. She has been rocking the fashions of the ’70s through the ’90s. Chloe Sevigny used to be a model and she’s still known as one at this time. Both have been on the cover of magazines left and right, but they are both on this list because they are probably the fashion icons we have seen coming off the runway. They are also probably the best dressed women on the design floors.
Weinstein has been an inspiration for designers and fashion insiders for years. He has been at the forefront of fashion for decades. The reason he is on this list is because he always looks like the most stylish man on earth. Even when he is not wearing a designer gown, he still manages to shine through with a touch of elegance in his outfits. Mosselle is a model who works with the French Vogue team. She also makes appearances on other fashion magazines as well. She has been known as an inspiration for women, so she definitely deserves her spot in this article.

chloe sevigny and kate moss
chloe sevigny and kate moss

Chloe Sevigny and Kate Moss’s Style Through Their Creations & Influences

Here is a glimpse of what the stars have been up to. The spring 2019 fashion collection from Opening Ceremony, inspired by the 80s and “edgy” used hair and make-up. Chloe Sevigny has always been one of the most original models, who never fails to surprise us with her unique style choices. She has gained a lot of fame from her roles in different movies, and she is reportedly working on one that features women who have been sexually assaulted. Meanwhile, Kate Moss has also always been an icon for fashion and she loves to be in the spotlight by almost any means. She has been the face of many hair and beauty campaigns, and she just won a role in the upcoming Disney film, “A Wrinkle in Time.” These two celebs are legends in their own right, and we have seen what they have been up to recently!
The starlet was spotted out with her daughter while wearing a very interesting ensemble — a short pencil skirt, paired with a fur-lined jacket. Her look was rounded off with cream pumps, earrings, and lipstick.
Moss has been spotted walking around New York City with her dog and her boyfriend Mario Falcone. She was wearing a pair of low-cut pants, fitted T-shirt, and a blue fur coat.

chloe sevigny and kate moss
chloe sevigny and kate moss