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flora good time color street

The Magic Street is a place of celebration and relaxation where people can paint their own art with the colors of their choice. The colorful flowers, sad trees, and even gorgeous planet earth painted on the street will bring people happiness every time they look at them.
The Magic Street is located in Dongan-gu, Anyang City, Gyeonggi Province. The street with the name of ‘flora good time color street’ is around 100 meter long. There are ten different colors you can use to paint on the street, including yellow, purple and blue. You can also see colorful paintings on the wall such as trees, flowers and even a beautiful planet earth.
There are many colors to choose from and you can express yourself freely by using various colors. If you are a person who likes to mix colors, the street is perfect for you. You can create a unique painting by mixing and matching the different colors on the wall. There are even flowers and trees painted with colorful paint so that you can take your time to take pictures of them.

flora good time color street
flora good time color street

How to get your logo on front of Japans most popular magazine Fashion Takumi!

It is not just a place for painters, it is also a place for people who are interested in art. Therefore, the Magic Street can be a new way for people to get media exposure. There will be no better place to show your art than in the Magic Street!
And it is true, because people who are interested in art will find new ways to make the people interested in art aware of the existence of art and to make the outside world aware of the value that you have.
It is hard to show your vision with just words alone. People will only know if it’s true for them if they see your vision with their own eyes.
But the people in Japan are very sensitive to things that they cannot see with their own eyes. That’s why you need to come to the forefront and be real big.
There is a place called Takumi, the most popular magazine in Japan which sells very well in many countries including China and Brazil.
I believe that you have a great expectation towards Takumi because Japan is where Takumi was born. The street of Takumi is considered as the best street for visual art in Tokyo.
Takumi is published by the A.D. Publishing Company, the same company that publishes a very popular magazine called TAKUMI that sells well across Japan and overseas.
They are looking for artists of all sorts to appear in Takumi, but they also want to get designers who can give expression and perform uniqueness through their vision. So they are open to all!

flora good time color street
flora good time color street

Why does Fashion Takumi Buy their Productions from JAPAN?

There are lots of people around the world who are talented and interested in art. Many people would like to participate in their own artworks. But, they can’t because they don’t have any materials to create it with, or money to buy the materials. For example, if you have a great idea for your own fashion, that needs some materials to start with. And you don’t have enough money to buy them. The Magic Street will give you a chance of producing your own masterpieces and sell them to Fashion Takumi! In fact, Fashion Takumi has a lot of local talented people and a lot of Japanese art materials. They need to give them a chance of making their own masterpieces as well!
(When we talk about “Fashion Takumi”, we are talking about the company that produces beautifull “fashion products” like clothes, shoes, bags, etc.)
People use these things to express themselves and find their own style. We are amazed at their talents and style. We think that we want to look up to them. (Well, actually “Fashion Takumi” might not be the best company for this…) But, What if these fashion products you make against your will, become a thing of your own and gain popularity?
That is what Fashion Takumi is doing! They are successfully selling their masterpieces they made against their wills. They are selling “products” they have to do things against their wills. They have their own rules, regulations and orders from the “Fashion Takumi CEO”.

flora good time color street
flora good time color street