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Some of the most popular one piece swimsuits are those that have a cut out in the front. These revealing styles are perfect for sporting at the beach, pool, or hot summer day. They come in black, dark blue and light blue colors. They are usually made with more mild fabric to show off the swimsuit and accentuate the chest of the wearer. They usually consist of a front piece and back piece.
An example of this would be the one piece modest swimsuit. It comes in black, blue and white. It has a low cut neckline that has a rose/pearl shape at the chest that extends around the back sides of the neckline. The top portion of the swimsuit ends around mid thigh, while the bottom is longer to the ankle line. It is made of a more modest fabric, compared to a bikini, which is usually made of a translucent/sheer material. The same general garment can be worn under the swimsuit and can be worn alone.
One piece swimsuits are often worn during the summer time, when it is hot outside and there are not any heavy clothing involved. It is also preferred to wear such suits when one is doing a strenuous sport, like swimming or other water sport activities. The material used in such swimsuits prevents rapid loss of heat as in a bathing suit and thus, keeps one’s body temperature regulated.

front cut out one piece swimsuit
front cut out one piece swimsuit