Dazed and Confused and Adorable: The Art of Animal Mimicry & Misunderstood Celebrity (keywords: animal, do they look like me?


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Simply adorable! These 26 animals are so cute they’ll make your day better just by looking at them. Watch the video and see these small, furry friends bounce and wobble around the screen. Bizarre bear crafts or camera-ready cats won’t do it for you? No problem! You can find all of these in their natural habitat, right here. Get ready to drool.
“Bubble Puppy” by “Viterreus”
The text reads “If you have found a bubble puppy, it is best to return him to your home as soon as possible. This is a very important rule and could save his life. Do not attempt to rescue the bubble puppy since you will spend most of your time struggling with his considerable girth. The bubble puppy can only be rescued by a trained dog catcher. The key is to keep from getting popped, as this will cause you to become smaller and smaller until you disappear completely. This is a very old and respected rule, but remember that it is not on the books anywhere. You know as little about the bubble puppy as everyone else in the world does. For example, it is not known if he lives in groups or if he lives alone. It is not known how he captures his prey, how old the bubble puppy is, or even why we are guiding a guide to finding him.”

dazed and confused and adorable
dazed and confused and adorable

Dazed and Confused and Adorable: The Secrets to Making a Dogs Ugly Look Pretty Again

Some of these dogs and cats look so cute it’s almost hard to believe they’re in nature.
In fact, they’re just seen as ugly until they’re given a little bit of help.
A lot of times the hair is all matted and the eye color looks blotched but if you trim those whiskers, wash them up and gussy them up with a little lipstick, your dog or cat will instantly look pretty again! Let’s see what these doggies learned from this article.
1) Always shower before taking any other action.
2) Moisturize your doggies skin to eliminate any dry patches or fleas.
3) Make sure your dog wears the right shade of lipstick. (Pictured above is a Cosmopolitan Cockapoo).
4) Accentuate the eyebrows for a strikingly handsome look.
5) Don’t forget to pack a little lipstick for touch up throughout the day! (Pictured above are Buttercup and her pink Converse lipstick bag).
6) You must also purchase good grooming products and shampoo for your pet. They do a better job than anything else to get the hair out of their eyes and teeth. (Pictured above is a very cute doggie with his new brush).

dazed and confused and adorable
dazed and confused and adorable


A few years ago, a man named Paul English and his wife Betty set out to prove that you could hypnotize animals. They tried this experiment by pouring milk into a baby bottle and putting it on the ground with a cap. They put a small aluminum dish next to the bottle, in which they placed a photo of their cat, then hid behind a curtain. The photographer took photos of the cat and the empty bottle (without its contents) with different exposures (exposures). The kittens in the image below are very unusual looking, with one eye much larger than the other eye. All other kittens in the photo are identical.
Their cat’s eyes are blue in the original photograph but gray in the photo with an exposure of f/32, due to diffraction. The same is true for all cats whose eyes were photographed with an exposure of f/32.
Another experiment showed that a kitten’s pupils can be enlarged without anesthesia. The kittens in the photo below were photographed with an exposure of f/32, and you can see that their pupils are actually much larger than in the original photo. The photographer merely looked through a telephoto lens at his cat.
In this experiment, you can clearly see that the kittens’ eyes are actually blue in the photo with an exposure of f/32, but gray when photographed with an exposure of f/22. This is also true for all of the cats whose eyes were photographed with an exposure of f/22.

dazed and confused and adorable
dazed and confused and adorable