Destiny’s Child, the First Supergroup of the 2000s – What You Need to Know


Introduction: Destiny’s Child is the First Supergroup of the 2000s and it has been 20 years since their first album

The rest is supergroup history. Just five years after releasing their first album “Destiny Fulfilled” the group went on to sell more than 37 million albums, and won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group for the first single “Survivor.” They also hit #1 charts with singles from their second album, “The Writing’s on the Wall,” “Jumpin’ Jumpin'” and their final studio album as a group, “Destiny Fulfilled…and Lovin’ It.”
First off, let’s set the record straight, this is not a Destiny’s Child article, it is a history of a group called Destiny’s Child. The article is about supergroups/assembled groups/etc., which are groups composed of artists who previously worked together as a unit in another project. There have been many supergroups created by various artists in the 20th century, wherein artists are brought together to create new music. Many of those supergroups have gone on to sell millions and millions of records.

destiny's child or the supremes
destiny’s child or the supremes

How Destiny’s Child Changed Contemporary Music

This supergroup became really popular because of the incredible singing, dancing and songwriting of two younger sisters, Kelly and Michelle Williams. They worked as a team, with each writing parts of the songs. This if you think about it astounds me as I have never seen such a collaboration between artists harmonizing together in a group before. It`s what makes y`all so special to me. I love that the wrold loves you.
Destiny’s Child was responsible for many “firsts” that are always associated with their name. This might seem like a small thing in an era of pop music that is so often driven by image, but it is something which shows their determination to achieve excellence in everything they did. A few examples:
They were the first female group to sell over 50 million records worldwide (unlike The Supremes, who still had to share recording time).
They were the first to release three consecutive number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100.
They are the first group to have two number one singles on their debut album.
They are the only female group in history to have four top ten singles from their debut album.

destiny's child or the supremes
destiny’s child or the supremes

Why Destiny’s Child Is Still Relevant in 2017 Today?

In 2017, you can see the impact of their first album on this decade’s music. Actresses like Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Janelle Monae have all cited Kelly and Michelle as influences. Many of these artists are also big fans of other Destiny’s Child songs like “Independent Women,” “Bootylicious,” “Nox” and most recently “Nuclear. Marriage is a tough thing at times but there should be no reason why two different people should not be allowed to be in love with each other. Marriage is not the end of civilization, you can still be friends, go out, and have a healthy relationship. To say that isn`t possible is just stupid.
Destiny’s Child has also given us some of the most iconic cultural events of our time. As a member of Destiny’s Child, she has won 6 Grammy Awards and is the only artist to win all four major music awards: American Music Award, Billboard Music Award, MTV Video Music Award, and Soul Train Music Award. In her career she has sold over 30 million records worldwide.
In Destiny’s Child’s first album, they broke the glass ceiling. They showed that women could sell records, be on top of the charts, and be successful. And it wasn’t because of beauty alone; their talent and charisma was what really made them stand out. They didn’t just want to be sex symbols with catchy music — they wanted to have an important place in popular culture.

destiny's child or the supremes
destiny’s child or the supremes

What Are Destiny’s Child Members Doing Now?

I’m sure that you are very pleased with these artists’ current projects, but it’s not the same without them. As annoying as it is to think about, it would be nice to see them each perform Destiny’s Child songs again in concert. I can only hope that one day Kelly, Michelle and Beyoncé will be able to tour together again. I’d go just to see them do the choreography again. Beyoncé is the best dancer in Destiny’s Child and the girls would be perfect together. Her solo career seems to be going very well, but I’d still love to see her with her sisters again.
But first things first. Let’s check on where they are now and what they’re up to. Kelly Rowland: Kelly is busy living life as an actress, singer and television personality. She currently has a sitcom called ‘The Game’ on BET with Mýa. She also has a hit single as a solo artist called ‘Work.’ Kelly spent a lot of time with Destiny’s Child, but she is building her career on her own. She already has a Grammy nomination to her name and I’m sure she’ll be nominated for more in the near future. She married Tim Witherspoon and seemed very happy with him. It was reported that they separated and Kelly says they are still together. What are you doing now Kelly Rowland?

destiny's child or the supremes
destiny’s child or the supremes