Dolce and Gabbana’s Self-Printed Elegant Espresso Maker


Competition: Better Way to Make Your Coffee in the Driveway That’s Actually Cool

A while ago I was in a coffee shop, having a nice drink and reading my newspaper when the barista stopped by to say hello. We started talking about coffee – she gave me some great tips on getting the perfect pour over. About halfway through my cup she noticed I’d broken out my dolce and gabbanas. She said, “Hey, don’t you want to make your coffee at home?” At first I didn’t understand what she meant – then she slid a travel coffeemaker in front of me and made the point: “You should use a pour over if you want the quality you get in a shop. If you want something easy and fast, use this [dolce and gabbana espresso machine].”
I sat there almost dumbstruck. I had no idea how to make good coffee at home. My choices were limited to the local franchise or a pour over that I could never be confident in. She had cracked open a whole new world of coffee for me. She wasn’t trying to sell me anything; we were just talking shop. She was a coffee professional and I wanted to learn from her.
I’ve had this conversation many times since – with baristas and coffee brewers alike. They all have their favorite ways of making coffee. They all have tips and tricks on how to make better coffee at home. I could go on for hours about different techniques and gadgets.

dolce and gabbana espresso machine
dolce and gabbana espresso machine

Goodell insists that the NBA combine all of its assets to go out and get a competitive edge. He was right then, he is right now – it’s time to make some serious moves.

I learned an important lesson back in the 1980s. The day before I was to go on a TV show, it was announced that the company sponsoring me had changed its logo. One of the new rules required us to use an ident that didn’t resemble our old logo. I finally found a guy who had designed a logo for another network – and he agreed to sign over permission to use it. It was like a manna from heaven.
I was on the air the next morning and no one could tell I had changed my brand. But when I got back to the office, I found out they had used another logo altogether. It didn’t work. That was then and this is now, and we’re in a very different world now than we were then – with much more powerful changes occurring daily in technology, fashion, entertainment and other areas of life around us.
If you want to be on the cutting edge, it’s time to make some changes.
As a manager, do you want your company to be on the cutting edge? I don’t … I want my company to learn from others. I care less about having a unique idea than about following best practices and making sure we’re thinking ahead [years ahead] in terms of new opportunities for our organization. I also care less about being the first to market with a new product than about creating a new set of opportunities for my company.

dolce and gabbana espresso machine
dolce and gabbana espresso machine