Dream Basketball Academy is a destination that provides you with an opportunity for leadership, growth and a chance to build your business.


Introduction: What is Dream Basketball Academy?

Dream Basketball Academy is a newly-established basketball training center in Beverly Hills, CA designed to give players the opportunity to acquire valuable skills as they prepare for their future. This basketball facility was built to help players develop their abilities while teaching to the highest standards. The academy is home to some of the finest coaches in the world, including NBA and international championship coaches, who are excited to work with players of all ages and skill levels. The center also includes top-of-the-line facilities and equipment.
The academy is a team of coaches and players ready to help you reach your basketball goals.
What’s Included:
California Basketball Development Program (CBDP) for the youngest players. A one-on-one coaching phase for ages 4 and 5 to help prepare young players for the next level of play.
Crib League for ages 5 to 7. An intense week-long practice and game experience designed to introduce players to the game of basketball. Players will also improve their skills and remain in shape during the season.
Youth Basketball Camps (ages 6 thru 8) providing week-long camps focused on development toward both enjoyment of the game and increased athleticism. Youth teams are formed through campers who work together to play fun, competitive basketball games with each other after each practice session.
Youth Basketball League (ages 6 thru 8) all players have a chance to play competitive basketball on teams, regardless of skill level. Players are placed together to ensure that they always have fun and can make meaningful team connections.

dream basketball academy beverly hills
dream basketball academy beverly hills

Dream Basketball Academy’s Unique Approach to The World of Sports and Leadership

Dream Basketball Academy plays a key role in our efforts to help young athletes develop a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence that will last throughout their lives. As such, this academy takes an approach to the world of sports and leadership that embraces these qualities. Our program nurtures young people and guides them toward attaining their full potential.
Dream Basketball Academy is based on the philosophy that sports should not be a reason for people to lose themselves. Rather, sports should be a means to help people come together and make the world a better place. This academy helps young athletes develop a solid foundation on which they can build their lives and value systems based upon the lessons they learn in our program.
Dream Basketball Academy wants to help young people become leaders rather than followers. We believe that when young people believe they can make a difference in their community they will take action and move toward making a better world.
Dream Basketball Academy is unique in the world of sports and leadership. We are an all-inclusive academy that allows students to compete on the basketball court, participate in our “DreamWorks” classes (which allow young people to express themselves through art and performance) and participate in the academy’s leadership program. We integrate these three elements into our academy so that young people can experience their full potential and learn how to become leaders.

dream basketball academy beverly hills
dream basketball academy beverly hills

Dream Basketball Academy Is The Best Possible Option For You To Start practicing Your Game Today

Dream Basketball Academy has the best-equipped facilities and finest coaches in the region. We are excited to help you reach your goals in basketball while giving you the confidence needed to succeed in all areas of life. Our program is designed to help you take your game to the next level and make you a top-notch player. No matter your playing level, we have a program that will help you take your game to the next level, and we can help you reach all of your dreams. We are proud to offer programs for boys, girls, men and women in all areas of basketball.
All players will receive instruction from a certified NBA Pro-Basket coaching staff to ensure that they are given the best possible chance at success in their game and in life. Our professional coaching staff consists of former NBA players and current NBA coaches. The program is designed to allow the player to receive his playing time while being ready for the next level of play. Our staff will be there for you from day one until your game is at an elite level.
So what is included in your Dream Basketball Academy membership?
Included in the cost of membership is a personalized basketball workout routine, video analysis, statistics tracking, weight training, nutritional guidance and much more.
The players will receive daily training to stay in shape, and will work on:
· Shooting
· Drills for all levels of play.

dream basketball academy beverly hills
dream basketball academy beverly hills

The Most Mind-blowing Benefits Of Dream Basketball Academy’s Coaching Program Is That It Will Enable You To Achieve Your Goals In A Safer Way And Have More Control Over Your Money

Dream Basketball Academy is the best program for developing your skills, learning key life lessons, and making lifelong friendships. Our coaches are dedicated to your needs and will be there every step of the way. Contact us to learn more!
A short video on Dream Basketball Academy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD3iW8OoTio
Additional videos and information available on website: https://www.dreambasketballacademy.org/
Dream Basketball Academy is the brainchild of Ken Gold, a former All-Star in the NBA and one of the most successful coaches in college basketball history. His 35 years of experience have enabled him to create a high-level training program that is unlike any other in the world, touching on every aspect of the game. No one else can give you the same level of coaching as Dream Basketball Academy. Check out our site at https://www.dreambasketballacademy.org to learn more!

dream basketball academy beverly hills
dream basketball academy beverly hills

Dream Basketball Academy’s Coach Salary Formula & Tips Will Help You Find An Answer

The people are there to guide you in your life and the things that you need to become a better person. If you would like more information, please call us at 310-865-8354 or visit our website at http://www.Dreambasketballacademy.com/.
Dream Basketball Academy is a premier basketball training and development program that is geared to be a step above the rest in their commitment to provide their student-athletes with experiences that will positively impact, strengthen and mold them into superior basketball players and people. Dream Basketball Academy provides the highest level of coaching and instruction in a fun, safe and positive environment. We offer year round basketball training for ages 7-14 that includes, but is not limited to, camps, clinics and one-on-one mentoring.
Dream Basketball Academy’s Coach Salary Formula & Tips Will Help You Find An Answer
Dream Basketball Academy offers a comprehensive compensation guide that outlines the salary structure of the best basketball coaches. Here are some important points:

dream basketball academy beverly hills
dream basketball academy beverly hills