“Dumb and Dumber” Ski Suits- Those I-Have-Nothing-to-Say But I’m Going To Say It Anyway


How to Decide Which Smartphone is Right For You

First, you’ll need to decide on a few specifications of the smartphone. Google has published a helpful chart that you can check out for details about some of the most common features that are present with smartphones today. (See: top 12 things people don’t know about smartphones)
Before deciding on any smartphone, you’ll need to take into account the following things:
* How much will it cost? (The smartphone you want can be bought for less than $100)
* Will you need a lot of mobile data? If so, then you might want a smartphone that can handle fast speed data transfer.
* What sort of applications do you want, or need? (Make sure to take into account which phones support apps you’ll find useful, like Amazon Kindle and Netflix.)
* Do you want a device that is easy to text with? (If so, choose a smartphone that can be used with one hand and has a physical QWERTY keyboard.)

dumb and dumber ski outfit
dumb and dumber ski outfit


Since very few of us use all those fancy features, you’ll need to decide what the best features are for you. Do you want a phone that is easy to carry in your pocket or something that weighs a little less and fits better in your purse? Do you like larger buttons or something that has higher resolution screen? Do you want a big screen or something that’s easier to use? Do you want a camera phone or one that comes with a music player? Maybe you want a phone that allows you to get on the Internet behind firewalls when the need arises, or maybe you’re looking for something more basic.
If we can be of further help in answering any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime!
Thank you for choosing AT&T Wireless, and have a good day!

dumb and dumber ski outfit
dumb and dumber ski outfit

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dumb and dumber ski outfit
dumb and dumber ski outfit