Elvira The Mistress of the Dark Costumes: How To Dress in Goth, Rock, Poison Vodka and More for Halloween


The Complete Guide to Elvira Mistress of the Dark Costumes

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is a horror host and TV show which was filmed from 1983 until 1992. It originally aired on KABC-TV in Los Angeles and then returned to Los Angeles on KTLA in 1988, after a brief stint in first-run syndication. In its original incarnation, the show starred Elvira as a horror host who interviewed people in different horror-related occupations. These involved life coaches and fortune tellers, but one of her most memorable interviews was with a psychic medium who claimed to be in exile on a desert island with Elvis Presley. After the life coach episode, which aired on June 25, 1983, Elvira faded into obscurity.
It wasn’t until 2002 when a suit was filed against Elvira that she began to receive more attention. The suit claimed that she had been the victim of an extortion plot and the show’s demise was due to the involvement of an LA-based gang who were paid by producers in return for supplying them with current and potential client lists. The gang also threatened to attack her live shows if she didn’t pay up.
Despite the stunt, Elvira’s show didn’t continue on LA television. When KTLA staged a comeback with reruns of the show, it now featured comedienne Crystal Laubenthal in Elvira’s role. This led to new interest in Elvira and they developed a cult following which included several fans who constructed their own impressive costumes based on her show.
This guide explores costumes from Elvira’s KTLA show (known as The Chris Albright Show), as well as her KTLA and KABC-TV shows. There are also several fan-made costumes that have appeared over the internet.
The guide will cover the following:

elvira mistress of the dark costumes
elvira mistress of the dark costumes

How to Make Your Own Elvira The Mistress of the Dark Costume

An Elvira costume always involves the use of a few pieces of simple black fabric, a basic rubber mask and some white face paint. Basically, all you need is a black dress. But, for the love of horror, if you really want to make your Elvira costume stand out and still be the one of the best at your next party – here are some steps you can take to make it exciting and memorable.
Here we go-
First off, buy a foam head form or use and old microwave plastic roasting bag.
Next, cut a hole in the shape of your head so you can see through it.
In the meantime, buy some black fabric for the dress, about 30 inches long. Also, purchase a rubber mask ( if you can’t find any at Halloween then buy a black liquid vinyl one) and white face paint (we use 10 pounds of “liquid latex” from party stores). We also need to pick up some black tights or materials that are somewhat opaque.
Paint the mask with a good coat of black paint and let it dry for two days. If you want some hair, go to the nearest Halloween store and pick up a few wigs or wavy black material. Sew the wig or material onto the mask using a needle and thread.

elvira mistress of the dark costumes
elvira mistress of the dark costumes

Elvis Presley’s Mythical Legend Ahead Of Its Time!

On Jan. 8, 1977, Elvis Presley died at Graceland. He was 42 years old. However, his body was not found there but at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis and he was instead pronounced dead at 3:30 p.m., according to the death certificate and signed by the doctor on duty, Dr. Jerry T. Swing. The death certificate listed his birthplace as Tupelo, Miss., and his birth date as Jan. 8, 1935; the birthplace listed on his driver’s license in 1969 was Memphis and the birthday was Jan. 8, 1935.
The death certificate of Elvis Presley, who died on Aug. 16, 1977, at age 42
The official cause of death is listed as cardiac arrhythmia due to drug (cocaine) intoxication. Elvis’ physician Dr. George Nichopoulos was charged with overprescribing drugs to the singer and pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of professional misconduct. In 1984, Dr. Nichopoulos was placed on probation and fined $10,000 after being found guilty of overprescribing drugs to other people.
Photo: Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley’s Mythical Legend Ahead Of Its Time!)

elvira mistress of the dark costumes
elvira mistress of the dark costumes

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elvira mistress of the dark costumes
elvira mistress of the dark costumes