Emotional Response to Evacuation Orders and Rogue Flights


The End of Hope for the Chaos of Evacuation

The chaos of the evacuation of flights, rogue and hope for the best, has left many people in utter horror. The recent tragedy has left many stranded with nowhere to go. Or even just a sense that there is no way out of this monotonous sameness. Many are in denial and refuse to believe that they could be in such a dire situation. They refuse to feel the reality that they are trapped, with no way out.
People have been heading to the airport for days and days, in a horrible state of mind, waiting for the chaos of evacuation to end.
There is hope still. The hope that there will be a clear way out of this disaster. Hope that they will not be stuck here forever. No matter what happens, they would rather live with this confusion than die with no knowledge of why they are here. They refuse to believe they’re trapped here at the airport and will never get out alive. They refuse to believe they will die in the days to come while they wait for the chaos to end.

evacuation rogue flights hope chaos
evacuation rogue flights hope chaos

How to Deal with Emotions When We’re Ordered to Evacuate

How do you feel when you have been ordered to evacuate? Just like the other people. You are mad, sad and confused. Why would someone make such a decision? They don’t know what to do with themselves. They fear for their lives and yet, they don’t want to lose any more of their loved ones. They’re afraid to go back to where they have lived. And what’s the chance of having to abandon the place that you call home? You are not sure if you are ready for all of the above.
Are there ways to cope with evacuation orders? There is and it is not that hard. But first, let’s see what kind of evacuation we are talking about.
Let’s start with an earthquake. In situations like this, people would be given more than one warning. Once the warning is given, they have time to get prepared. They can tighten up the bolts holding electricity and gas pipes, they can take batteries and food supplies. If there is a possibility of getting water from a distance from the earthquake-affected area, people would do that in advance. It’s crucial for humans to stay calm in a crisis situation for proper decisions to be made.

evacuation rogue flights hope chaos
evacuation rogue flights hope chaos