Executive producer of HBO’s “a black lady” speaks out about race relations in the industry


How to Write a Concept Art for Videos

This article will go through the steps I usually take when creating a concept art for video. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating this image.
I always keep in mind the context and narrative of the video. This will help me know the emotions or ideas I want to evoke, which can vary greatly depending on what type of video it is.
Next, I take a look at my protagonist, main character(s), and antagonist. They are usually all included on this image but sometimes I focus more on one person as well. I don’t always have to include all three people on a concept art, but it’s good to know where I can potentially place them.
I then create a framework for the image by using a grid and sketching out some lines. I use this line to give me the idea of what else needs to be added onto the picture. It helps me plan out how much time I’m going to have and draws it out in front of my eyes so that there are clear outlines of where things are going.
I don’t always have time to sketch, but I do it anyway. I just draw a few lines to give me the idea of how many characters I can add onto the illustration without it being too crowded, like something out of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

executive producer of hbo's a black lady
executive producer of hbo’s a black lady