Fourth of July Makeup For Adults


Introduction: Fourth of July was the first day in America that was celebrated as a national holiday and this year is celebrated again with a bang! This means that our country is ‘celebrating’ its independence from the rest of the world. We celebrate it in different ways and for different reasons which vary depending on our age and cultural background. Fourth of July as an occasion has always been associated with fireworks, bonfires, parades, parties, food and lots of fun. With these things still being topped by lots to do or to see on other days too such as the Independence Day parade, we highly suggest that you make up some truly unique makeup looks for your face to show your patriotism. There’s nothing like making up your most exciting outfit and putting it on in front of your friends when they think you are an easy going kid! Below are some easy steps which can help you create awesome makeup looks for your

experiment on your face. Always test out a new look on your hand first using the make-up you intend to use on face.
Let’s start with a natural look on your face. Use a concealer to cover up any spots and use a cream blush which is more of an orange hue to give your face that sun kissed glow. Next, add some black mascara and liquid liner on the eyes, then an orange-red lipstick and voila! You are set for Fourth of July.
Make sure you find out what suits your skin tone most by experimenting with different colors each time because make-up is all about expressing yourself.
Now let’s explore some fun and colorful looks. You can take off the basic makeup look that you just did by adding a slightly pink-red lip, then a more shimmery lip color to give your lips an added glow, and finally add the sparkles to complete the look.

fourth of july make up
fourth of july make up