How Micro-Needling Helps Clear Pores and Keep Skin Glowing


Introduction: What is Microneedling and How Does it Work?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin therapy that offers many benefits for your complexion. The procedure consists of using an electrical device to puncture the skin at a controlled depth. This stimulates collagen production, releases tension in the dermis, and increases blood flow. It also helps make skin pores appear smaller by shrinking them and renewing their appearance while balancing sebum (oil) production. It does not require anesthesia, and there are no side effects to speak of. However, there is a healing period with redness, dry skin, and flaking; patients should use sunblock daily during this period.
How Does Microneedling Work?
Microneedling involves the use of an electric pen (or dermaroller) to create tiny wounds in the skin. It is a minimally invasive epidermal therapy that has been used for over 20 years, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002, and has been proven effective in improving several skin conditions.
Microneedling Benefits:
Restores skin texture and suppleness.
Assists with acne, rosacea, pigmentation, sun damage, and wrinkles.
Helps reduce breakouts from hormonal changes during menopause.
Helps to shrink enlarged pores.
Provides relief from scarring from trauma and surgery.

does microneedling help with pores
does microneedling help with pores

What is the Difference Between Micro-Needling & Other Cosmetic Procedures?

This is different from chemical peels, which involve removing the skin’s outer layer to exfoliate. Chemical peels can be effective, but they often leave behind a film on your skin. Micro-needing is far more advanced and very effective, but it is also gentler and less harmful.
Micro-needling uses a small spring-loaded micro-needle device that penetrates the uppermost layer of the skin, known as the “epidermis”. The micro-needling machine causes microscopic damage to your skin, which stimulates new blood flow and collagen production. This process is called “micro trauma” and can even stimulate cellular regeneration and reduce dark spots from sun damage. The treatment does not remove any skin layers, so it is non-abrasive for all skin types.
Micro-needling may help to treat the following skin concerns:

does microneedling help with pores
does microneedling help with pores

What are the Benefits of Microneedling for Acne Scars, Stretch Marks and Dark Circles?

Micro-needing is the best way to resurface acne scars, stretch marks, and age-related dark circles. It can also help achieve a youthful glow without excess pigmentation. While it cannot tighten pores, it can make them appear smaller by making them look less visible and more uniform on the skin.
FDA-approved lasers are used to resurface black, white, and red scars, but not deeper scars. Scar treatment with a laser is significantly more expensive than microneedling. The more experienced the skin care professional, the more likely they are to administer microneedling. Usually two treatments are needed to achieve the desired results.
Before and after pictures of people’s skin before treatment and after treatment appear nearly identical on both sides of their face (see below). The after pictures were taken only three weeks apart.
“I have been using Microneedling on my face, neck and chest for the past four months to at least twice weekly and it has made a huge difference. Prior to using this device I had redness, discoloration and puffiness around my eyes and some dark circles as well. Even though I was told that it might take months before seeing results, within a couple of weeks usage I could see and feel the change in my skin. If you are looking for something that is quick, easy to apply and inexpensive, consider trying this device!”

does microneedling help with pores
does microneedling help with pores

How to Use Microneedles for Acne Scars and Stretch Marks?

Micro-needing can be used successfully as part of a longer-term acne management plan. Picking the right acne scar treatment depends on your skin. If you are bothered by some scars, but others do not bother you, a long-term laser treatment may be more convenient and more effective for you. However, if your acne scars bother you more than other parts of your skin, micro-needing is definitely the way to go.
My routine is as follows:

does microneedling help with pores
does microneedling help with pores

Conclusion: Try Micro-Needles at Home Today to Improve Your Skin’s Complexion

Micro-needing is a safe, effective treatment that can produce amazing results. It may seem like a long-shot at first, but committing to micro-needing will quickly make you realize the difference it can make in the appearance of your skin. Whether you are looking for a more youthful look or a more even tone, this procedure will help you achieve great results in no time. The best part is that it can be done at home, saving you both time and money.
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does microneedling help with pores
does microneedling help with pores