How to Choose the Best AI Writing Tools in 2018


How Do I Choose the Right AI Writer for My Product or Blog?

Alicia is in need of the best AI writer for her product content or blog, but she has no idea where to begin. She’s been studying algorithms, publishing systems and the latest software releases to see what might work best for her. Alicia wonders if there are any differences between these applications and if any of them are better than the others when it comes to writing product descriptions, blog posts and more.
The following information should help Alicia decide which AI writing application may be best for her.
Alicia’s Product Description
I have a small product that I’m launching at the end of June. It’s a new way to charge your Kindle Fire, and it can be used by many different people because it’s compatible with all models of Kindle. The description will describe my product, its purpose and will give instructions on how the product works and how it benefits the purchasers. The length should be between 250 – 350 words.
Product Categories
Electrical Engineering

alicia would like to know if there is a difference
alicia would like to know if there is a difference

A Guide on How to Use an Online A-Z of Keyword Research Software like Lingua and others

The sales assistant at the shop has a list of relevant keywords in front of them which they feel will benefit their store, but they are unsure how to do the research on those keywords. They have an idea what market they are interested in, but they don’t have any real statistics on the searches that have been done for these specific search queries. They ask the assistant to do a little research into the competition and the statistics from other shops that are currently in their area to examine their performance. As they examine the data and statistics, they see some keywords that have been searched by a lot of customers and find out why. The assistants finally feel they have a good handle on which keywords to use when doing their upcoming content marketing campaigns. They have a really good understanding of the keywords that are relevant to their site and what customers are most likely looking for.

alicia would like to know if there is a difference
alicia would like to know if there is a difference

Keyword Research Tool Comparison Table with Lingua and others

What methods did Alicia use to find the keywords she was interested in? first, she thought about the tasks she needs to complete. then, she researched into what other people have already done to help her out with her tasks. this helped her understand how similar people have done things in the past. then, to know what was best, Alicia consulted with people who had done similar things before. this gave her a better idea on which tool would be most effective for what she needed it for. finally, Alicia found which tool she wanted to buy by reading the customer reviews. she determined which tool was the best based on how they were able to complete their tasks.
Ranking: 2/10.
What did Alicia do right? her results and findings were exactly what she expected. she was able to use what people have done before in order to predict what would be done next by other people, which helped her make a smart decision through the process of researching and finding what will work for her.
What did Alicia do wrong? she did not compare the results from all of the tools she used to find what keywords people are interested in. as a result, she could not tell which tool gives her the most accurate results for her search.

alicia would like to know if there is a difference
alicia would like to know if there is a difference