How to Choose The Best & Most Stylish Mini Lace Up Boots for Winter and Beyond


Tips & Tricks To Make Your Own Mini Lace Up Boots

You’ve finally found the perfect lace up boot! What should you do now? Now, you need to take it apart and make a pattern out of the pieces in order to construct a pair of fully functional boots that look just like the old classics. We should mention that this will cost you about $30 for any sort of pattern and a few hours of time to make the pieces. Then, you have to spend hours fitting and gluing the pieces into place. If you are more into saving time, you can buy patterns from different manufacturers at roughly the same price.
* When purchasing your pattern, make sure it is for “classic mini lace up boots.” For other types of boots than classic mini lace up boots, you may get the wrong pattern pieces and end up with something that will not work. It may have the wrong sole, heel or toe shape.
* Be sure your pattern matches up with your customizer’s directions. Some customizers make things a lot easier than others by providing photos of the pieces and also providing measurements of various places on the pattern where you might want to cut out parts for construction. That way, you can make adjustments to the pattern before you start.
The only hard part about construction is making sure all of your pieces are together and in position before gluing them together. If you are in a rush to get your boots completed, it is best to plan on making the necessary changes to the pattern so that everything will line up easily and you can start constructing.

classic mini lace up weather
classic mini lace up weather

Conclusion: Make Your Own Shoes & Create The Perfect Leather Look For Less!

SIDE NOTE: If you want any sort of specific details about creating the lace up boot lace curve pattern all you have to do is type in ‘lace up boot curve’ into Google. It will bring up a plethora of videos and tutorials. Or, you could just buy the $1 book (links included below).
From day one I have personally had no clue how to create that tongue curve you see in those lace up boot and cowboy boot boots. My theory: None of us can figure it out. Well….as far as I can tell we don’t know exactly how it’s done. Obviously for health/safety reasons someone has to be there to guide you through the process. Someone who is willing to stand there with you and show you step by step (or better yet, take a few videos of him/herself making it).
But in some cases… can create the perfect lace up boot curve all on your own. All thanks to the video tutorial featured below.
The instructions, as seen in the video, were easy to follow and made total sense. I immediately went out to my garage (litterally within minutes of watching the video) and grabbed a piece of leather that I had left over from a previous project.

classic mini lace up weather
classic mini lace up weather