How to Create a Christmas Tree Ornament with a Coat of Many Colors


Fun Facts about the Coat of Many Colors

The coat is most commonly associated with the Christmas season. But, it actually originated as a symbol of Mary’s love for her son Joseph, and the myth of his birth was later added to popularize its significance. The coat was actually a common European garment called a “scapular.” It was worn by religious and monastic communities as a form of Christian protection. In fact, it was common in Europe and the Middle East to wear such ornate clothing in church, especially during holy days such as Christmas. In 1668, the story of King Herod’s slaughter of children (who Joseph was believed to be) was added to popularize wearing so much elaborate clothing on these special occasions. The coat of many colors came to be symbolic of the cloak Joseph was said to have worn as he fled from Herod. The name “coat of many colors” has been attributed to this story, but it appeared in print in 1669 (in France) and wasn’t well known until 1728 (in America).

coat of many colors ornament
coat of many colors ornament

Making Your Own Christmas Tree Ornament

Start making your ornaments by playing with a few scraps of paper, or use the following instructions by Kathy Jen, a teacher in New Mexico. The tree is made from a turkey stockinette. She suggests you try your hand at this and make it into a washing line decoration. Small clothespin or ring magnets make great decorations for drying dishes, holding paint brushes, holding money or tags in purses, repairing sunglasses or restoring broken china. Just glue them on, paint and leave the glue to dry.
Paint the turkey stockinette (see below) in any color and let it dry, then decide whether you prefer to decorate it with paint or with paper. You will have to glue the paper on before you can make an ornament. She suggests that you paint the entire piece first and then add the paper later if you are unsure of your artistic skills!
To make a painted ornament, glue 1/2 inch wide gold paper around the edge of your turkey stockinette as shown in diagram A. Trace the pattern in black or gold paint onto the turkey stockinette, using a fine brush. Then glue on your paper as shown in diagram B.

coat of many colors ornament
coat of many colors ornament

Best Tips for Creating Your Own Custom Christmas Tree Ornaments

Make it light, you don’t need a big one to make the tree light. Make it small and manageable, when making a tree with many ornaments. Make it personal, with your favorite things glued on, and then decorate it.
Arrange your tree in a light and airy way, so that it can breathe.
Create decorations that are personalized, not just your favorite things.
Create ornaments with things you have around the house, including photos or treasured mementos. Have fun and be creative!
Tips for “making your own custom christmas tree ornaments”:
1. Make it light and manageable -this is the first thing to do when making a custom christmas tree ornament.
2. Make it personal, with your favorite things glued on -you can “paint” the tree and decorate with things you hold dear, or things that mean a lot to you.
3. Create decorations that are personalized and not just your favorite things -it makes the ornament more unique, and it’s also fun to make it a little different from everybody else’s.
4. Create ornaments with things you have around the house, including photos or mementos -put your memories on the tree and it will be a very personal touch.
5. Decorate your tree in a light and airy way, so that it can breathe -if there are heavy ornaments on the tree, it will block all the light from coming through and make your tree look heavier.

coat of many colors ornament
coat of many colors ornament

Why Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments? One Simple Answer Could be “Because You Can”

Most people buy their ornaments and hang them on their Christmas trees. You can save yourself some money and make your own. It doesn’t matter if they are copies of what you buy, or totally different ideas, get creative and be original when making your own artifacts. Do one thing or a hundred, it is your choice. You can do this alone or with the whole family. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they can be used as ideas for what NOT to do next time.
Making Christmas tree ornaments is great fun, and they can be very rewarding, especially as they are all handmade by you. They will not only be precious to their owners, but to you too. Your love and hard work will shine through them. Have fun with it.
Here are some ideas:
● The most popular ones are the tiny, colorful ornaments that people hang on their trees and especially on their artificial trees these days.
● You can also make clip-on ornaments. These are placed on the tree using decorative hooks, or they are hung up by their strings or ribbons. They are usually smaller and are used to decorate branches, especially the green ones.

coat of many colors ornament
coat of many colors ornament