How to Create a Fashion Blog from Scratch Without the Help of an Expert


What is the Purpose of Fashion Blogging?

There are many different purposes of fashion blogging. Some people blog to be able to talk about their passions, to “inform, educate and inspire”, or as a creative outlet. Bloggers may have a special point of view on the latest fashion trends and desire to share it with others who may not know about it. The blog might focus on something in particular that the blogger is passionate about and wants to help others become aware of. In order to do this, a blog post may contain lots of pictures of clothes, shopping tips or just be a very detailed review. Bloggers can also try their hand at writing fiction or non-fiction book reviews, as well as discussing events in the fashion industry and its latest trends. A fashion blogger may choose to blog about the latest trends and share their opinions of them. If a blogger is a professional photographer, they will post pictures of various looks they have shot and cuteness overload.
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dress with slits on both sides
dress with slits on both sides

Blog Categories & Categories Directory for the Fashion Bloggers

Fashion blogs that offer to buy, sell or trade merchandise are often called “thredup”, “thrifting”, “user-to-user” or “peer-to-peer” fashion blogs. Fashion blogs may also focus on specific clothing such as lingerie, shoes and handbags. Fashion blogs can be very specific in their content and may cover one of many different topics within the fashion industry. They may be personal blogs that talk about fashion from a first-person point of view. Most of the fashion bloggers work for free; however sometimes you will find professional fashion bloggers who are paid for their contributions. Many fashion bloggers write and post daily, some as often as four times a day. Most of the professional fashion bloggers work in their spare time and do not have full-time jobs. [very important]
Fashion blogs were the first blogs created in 2005. A fashion blog, also known as a streetwear blog is one that focuses on clothing, shoes or accessories with a strong focus on streetwear items such as urban wear, skater style, hip-hop and designer wear.
Fashion blogs are usually written by the blogger with a subject of fashion reflected in the ambience of the work. The style of fashion blogging is generally street style where clothing items are worn informally by the blogger without product shots. Some bloggers take photos of their clothes and other accessories en route to their destination (on the subway).
The subject matter of a fashion blog can vary from female streetwear styles, clothing, shoes and accessories to menswear. Some fashion blogs are geared to a niche audience and others are for selling second hand goods. Many fashion blogs focus on specific areas of interest such as casual wear, vintage, retro and vintage clothing, retro shoes and accessories.

dress with slits on both sides
dress with slits on both sides

How to Create a Fashion Blog with No Know-How or Experience in Fashion Design or Web Design?

It all starts with a passion, an idea, and a desire to show the world that you know something about fashion. If you want to learn how to create and run a fashion blog without knowing any design or web design skills; you can do so. The most important is having an idea and keeping it in mind so that it does not become stale. You need to keep your thoughts flowing and come up with new ideas or ways to present your existing ideas.
The beginning of your blog is just a piece of the puzzle. There are several things that you need to consider when thinking about how to create a fashion blog. For example, you need to think about what kind of content you want to feature in your blog. Do you want to focus on outfits and accessories or do you want to focus on niche products, such as luxury bags? Do you want to blog about celebrities wearing different types of clothing or do you want to blog about a different trend in the fashion industry?

dress with slits on both sides
dress with slits on both sides

What is an AI Designer and What are its Benefits?

An AI designer or a fashion designer is an expert who uses artificial intelligence in design. Artificial intelligence or AI is a technology which allows devices to perform tasks without human assistance. It is a branch of computer science which studies how to make computers do things that normally can be done only by humans, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, and translation between languages. AI designers use computer programs to program the robots with information about textiles, various types of fabric, the patterns and sewing techniques. In fact, an AI designer does the same job as a fashion designer but has a better understanding of the fabric.
The main advantage of using artificial intelligence in design is that it reduces human errors. As the human error factor can be eliminated from the designing process, it is possible to avoid mistakes and in turn create designs which are ahead of their time. Allowing designers to concentrate on creative aspects of clothing. Also, artificial intelligence can be used to produce better garments with complex patterns and designs. The AI designer has the power to work on projects without any limits or delays.

dress with slits on both sides
dress with slits on both sides