How to Create Your Own Gingham Skirt in 5 Easy Steps


How to Get Started with Creating Your Own Gingham Skirt

In case you haven’t heard, gingham skirts are having a moment. Whether you’ve been watching the trends for years or are just jumping on board now, there’s no better time to get your hands dirtied. With such a large variety of options and styles available in every color of the rainbow, it can be hard to know where to start when creating your own gingham skirt. Incorporating contrasting stripes and plaids into clothing and home decor is a classic design concept that’s been used for years. Today, we’re going to show you how to create your own gingham skirt from vintage fabric in only 4 steps!
I love vintage patterns and prints. When I was a kid, I loved to play dress up with the fashion dolls like my Nana. In fact, she and some of my older cousins can still be seen in lots of photos wearing gingham skirts. My mom even used to make me gingham dresses for Christmas and holidays when we lived in Puerto Rico. This staple fabric and print is definitely a favorite of mine!
When I was thinking about this post, I started to think about how hard it is to find the fabric. When I was a little girl, gingham was everywhere you looked. It was even used in baby clothing and bedding. I remember my mom having several yards of the gingham in shades of red and blue for my cousins and me to play dress up with. I’m sure that I must have worn one of her gingham dresses for most of my stash as a child.

gingham skirt black and white
gingham skirt black and white

girly goth style skirt tutorial

To create this look, you’ll need a black pair of leggings, a plain white gingham shirt with red buttons, black combat boots and an older gingham skirt to be used as the pattern piece. When creating this tutorial I wasn’t sure which direction I planned on taking my outfit so I searched my closet for items that complimented one another and created pieces that would work well together, giving me the option to create a unique outfit every time. I started by layering the striped shirt over the gingham skirt which was a simple step. I then took the black leggings and cut about two inches off of them and hemmed them up, creating a layered shirt and skirt combination. Lastly, I took a pair of black combat boots that I have been wanting to purchase for some time and paired them with the outfit. This look is simple, but definitely an alternative style so if you’re not comfortable with creating something from scratch then this tutorial is perfect!
*The materials used in this tutorial can be purchased at any local fabric store or online. For example, you can find the striped shirt at Urban Outfitters and the white gingham shirt can be purchased at Target or any other department store.
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Title:A basic black gothic style skirt tutorial

gingham skirt black and white
gingham skirt black and white