How to Get the London Look on a Budget


What is the London look?

The London Look is an aesthetic movement born in the late 1960s and early 1970s in London. The London Look incorporates influences from Pop Art, an interest in texture, bold colors and a utilitarian style. The label London Look is often attributed to Vivienne Westwood who used the term in 1976 to describe her style of clothing.
The London Look has a number of aesthetic characteristics. It is usually characterized by bold colors and simple graphic shapes. These characteristics also differentiate the London Look from other aesthetics of the time such as punk fashion or ‘New Romanticism’.
The key feature that differentiates the London look from other contemporary trends is its lack of ornamentation. The London look often incorporates textured fabrics often made from hessian, jute or burlap that was originally sourced from old pallets found in warehouses. The clothing is often hand-cut and has a utilitarian appearance.
The loose cut of the garments bear resemblance to a smock and were often made with long sleeves. Pieces of fabric were often sewn together leaving visible stitch marks and were sometimes stitched over panels of contrasting or complementary color. The London look drew inspiration from utilitarian work wear, second-hand military fatigues, and other ‘found’ garments such as sheets and curtains

get the london look model
get the london look model

How to get the London look on a budget

There are some things that you can do to get the London Look and stay on budget. Here are some ideas you can try.
*Wear clothes that fit your body type and style. This means sporting that rockin’ hourglass figure or rocking the voluptuous curves.
*Shop in consignment stores, thrift shops, or other secondhand stores.
*Take advantage of what’s in season like colorful patterns, stripes, or military-inspired pieces.
*Sweater dresses or jumpsuits can really help you get the “London Look”.
*Invest in a good pair of comfy shoes to go with everything. This is a key piece to the entire look.
*If you’re tall, wear some booties with your outfit! The perfect combination of military and feminine.
*Hair accessories are key to this entire look as well.

get the london look model
get the london look model

The 4 Top Ways to Get the London Look at Home

Get a pair of Red Lipstick (Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in the color `Red` is perfect for this) and Blue Eyeshadow (NYX Cosmetics Shimmer Eyeshadow in the color `Blue` looks great with Red). Wear a Top Hat with a black Trench Coat or Cape (Macy`s has a good selection of Trench Coats and Capes).Paint your nails bright colors, like red, fuschia or turquoise (get them done at Home Appearance Hair and Beauty, a salon in Northamptonshire that specialises in nail painting, here you can also get a manicure while you`re there). Then, get your teeth nicely whitened (Contact Smile Brite, a Whitening Clinic in London to get yours done) and wear Black Mascaras and black eyeliner.

get the london look model
get the london look model