How to Get the Perfect Highlight & Contour Look


Introduction: How to Get the Perfect Highlight & Contour Look

It’s all about that glow! We need a little contour and highlighting for our preferred sculpted, chiseled look. If you’re not sure how to go about this, we have the perfect full tutorial. Scroll down to learn how!
Note from the editor: An earlier title for this article was “Step-by-Step Three-Minute Tutorial: How to Highlight and Contour Like a Pro!” In order to avoid confusion, we changed the article title. The content of the article was not affected.
Contouring is a beautiful art form in makeup that sculpts your face and brings out your strong features. But like most things, it can be a bit tricky to master.
What is Contouring?

celestial black diamond contour gel
celestial black diamond contour gel

What are the Best Products for a Highlight & Contour Look?

We have chosen the Black Diamond Contour Gel from FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna because it contains a lot of pigmentation, it’s easy to use, and it’s very affordable. The Essence Make Me Highlighter is on the more affordable end as well (20$), but also very pigmented and a great dupe for the Benefit High Beam. They are both very creamy, so you can pat them on with your finger or a brush. The H&M strobing highlighter is very affordable (12$) and it’s a powder formula, which means it goes on like a typical highlighter and can be applied with your fingers or a brush. The Urban Decay Nooner has amazing pigmentation, but it’s a cream-based formula. The NARS strobing stick is one of my favorites, and the formula is great. It’s easy to use and again, very pigmented. The Black & White Kit from Morphe Brushes has the most pigmented shade in the kit (faded) and it goes on creamy and gives you a lot of control over where you place it. It’s pricey for $40 but also very pigmented. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit is another favorite of mine and it comes with a highlighter, contour shade and a setting powder.

celestial black diamond contour gel
celestial black diamond contour gel

3 Tips for Makeup Artists to Make Their Product Work Better

It’s best to apply the products on a clean face and pat with your fingers, so it doesn’t end up in your creases. Make sure to get as much product as you need on your brush, so it will show up real well and you won’t risk overusing it. You can also use a small stippling brush and some of the product will stay in the bristles. That way, you can build up your skin with different shades. It’s important to keep the product on for just a few seconds, so it has time to set – in this case about 60-90 seconds. Then you’ll see it settle into a nice creamy texture.
If the product has a high shine, it will become more apparent when the film starts to set. When that happens, you’ll need to apply some setting powder to even out the glow.
In this photo, “Geo-pigment” is used as an example of a cream/powder product that sets differently than a liquid or powder blush. In this case, it really shows up better when applied with a stiff angled brush and blended smoothly.
“Geo-pigment” – the product is applied with a stippling brush, then it’s blended with an angled brush.
The skin appears more pink and smooth, but there’s still some shine from the powder.

celestial black diamond contour gel
celestial black diamond contour gel

Conclusion: Apply Your Highlight & Contour Products with Care

If you follow these tips, you will have the most beautiful glow and sculpted look. Your cheeks will look full of life and your skin will be glowing from within!
“celestial black diamond contour gel” : “Conclusion: Apply Your Highlight & Contour Products with Care”
-Don’t apply too much of your highlighter and contour product. Too much will give you a harsh look.
-For highlighting, use the three-finger method — and start on the top of your cheekbone, about one finger’s width from your nose, then trace three fingers down to the apple of your cheek.
-For contouring, use the three-finger method — and start on one corner of your mouth, then trace three fingers diagonally to the other side of your face.
-If you have applied too much highlighter or contour to certain areas, try dabbing a bit of your translucent powder on the areas that need correcting.

celestial black diamond contour gel
celestial black diamond contour gel