How to Get Up on the Floor and Walk It Off When Learning a New Skill


how to get up on the floor for tik tok ‘?

I want to make a song called “get up on the floor tik tok” because it tells people to get up and dance. I think they should also say when they need a break and what kind of dances are popular. I think it should be about hip-hop, or break-beats. I think my song would be great for parties.
But I don’t know how to get up on the floor. I tried getting up on the dance mat but it’s hard. I’m not sure if “getting up” means dancing with my feet. That’s what people do in videos and music, right?
I think this is easy because there are tons of songs that have lyrics that use tik tok or tik-tok and break-beats. But sometimes they’re in English and I don’t understand them. I’d like to know how to get up on the floor.
I have tried to use my dance mat but I can’t do it. And I think if I can’t do it, it’s not a party unless other people are dancing around me. What should I do? How can I get up?
I wonder what tik tok means. Why is it called tik tok? The dictionary says that “tik” means “bird chirping” and “tok” means “to dance”. But I don’t understand how that helps me get up. I want to ask someone about it but everyone’s gone outside and I can’t find anyone.

get up on the floor tik tok
get up on the floor tik tok