How to Paint Your Kitchen Walls with Chocolate


What is the Best Way to Apply the Paint on a Wall?

The color of the chocolates you choose really depends on how your goal is to achieve. If you are trying to create a very loud feeling, choosing a dark chocolate will do that for you. A dark chocolate can also be bold and trendy! If you want the room to feel softer, a more golden color is more appropriate. Just remember to go with what you desired, and not just any chocolate as it will just look like anything else. Other soft colors that work well are dark or milk chocolate.
Chocolate can be applied on a wall by hand or with a paintbrush. The brush method is very similar to painting normally. Mix up the chocolate and water, pour into a spray bottle, and apply to the wall in smooth, even strokes. If you are using a brush, simply brush it on in soft strokes.
The application process is actually similar to applying traditional paint as well, however there are some differences in the ways they work…

chocolate and gold living room
chocolate and gold living room

A Guide on How to Apply the Paint on Different Types of Walls in Your Home

One of the easiest ways to paint chocolate onto walls is with a roller. When using a roller, you should always use paint that has primer in it to help with adhesion. You can also use a paint brush or roller for applying chocolate onto walls. The roller works best when you have a thick coat on the surface, so when applying the chocolate to walls, make sure to apply a good coat. You can also use a paint brush if you prefer that method and then fix your mistakes afterwards.
One of the easiest ways to apply gold onto walls is by using a paint brush. When applying gold paint it is best to use lightly tinted primer and tinted chocolate. You can also use a roller to apply the paint if you prefer that method. Make sure you have the chocolate on your walls with a good coat. Make sure before applying the paint, you clean them well with soap and water, then wash them again once you are done to remove any residue of soap or detergent which may be left on the walls by mistake.
You can also use these two techniques when applying gold onto rocks that you may have in your home. These are all DIY projects and you can choose to do with your home furniture and other things that you may have in your home.

chocolate and gold living room
chocolate and gold living room