How to Wear Black Dresses With High Slits


Introduction: How to Wear Black Dresses With High Slits?

You’ve got all the black dresses you’ll need for less than €200 (or, if you’re more daring, your wedding dress) thanks to this golden rule: buy a dress with a high slit. The problem is: what’s really sexy about the high-cut black dress? Take a look at these ideas.
1. Daytime Chic
A lot of us love the look of cut-out evening dresses and wonder if it would translate well to daytime looks, and the answer is yes! Anything which creates an interesting, visible design on your skin (like a cut-out) can create an evening style look, even if it’s done in black during the day.
2. Masses of Layers
Any classic black dress, whether it’s sleeveless or fitted with a high slit, can be layered with scarves (and/or several accessories like jewellery and belts) – click the “Layers” link on top of every Dress Wall!
3. Black Eye-Catching Accessories
4. Sexy Black Stilettos
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black dress with high slits
black dress with high slits

A Brief History of the Slit in Fashion

The history of the slit in fashion is relatively recent. No other fashion item has undergone such a radical transformation as the slit skirt. In particular, the length of the slit has changed a lot. Advances in technology have allowed designers to experiment with different types of slits. In the beginning, slits were simply held closed; as time went on, slits were lengthened, even before the end of the 20th century. The trend towards longer-than-ever slits has had its ups and downs. In the ’90s, designers experimented with very high-waisted dresses with incredibly low or extremely high skirts. While these designs were at the top of the fashion hit parade in Paris and Milan, they didn’t agree with many women. Women working in business or government will never wear a skirt with a slit longer than 4 inches. Waists have gone up, and high-heel shoes have become more comfortable, so wearing a very high slit is no longer a problem.

black dress with high slits
black dress with high slits

Why a High-Slit Dress Can Be The Perfect Fit for Your Figure

The high slit is great because it works with a variety of different body types. It can add a bit of sex appeal to an otherwise conservative look, or pump up the sex appeal of a curve-hugging dress. It can indicate the wearer’s desire for adventure in the bedroom and her willingness to reveal herself in public. So don’t just think of them as “sexy” or “naughty,” think of them as “smart” or “beautiful.”
For starters, a high slit can reveal a beautiful pair of gams. But if you’re self-conscious about your knees or thighs, the high slit can be the perfect solution. It will show off everything above the knee — and nothing below it. There’s no need to worry about TK (thigh gap) with these babies, because they are not likely to expose any more thigh than your old jeans would have.

black dress with high slits
black dress with high slits

How to Wear a Slitted Dress 3 Ways

You can wear a high-waisted skirt or dress with the slit at the back or front. You can wear it on the side, with a little bit of material covering the slit. Or you can keep the slit at the back (or side) and choose to display more of your skin (in a way that’s still pretty demure) by wearing stockings under your dress. For example: wear stockings and high Slips to prevent your legs from being seen from the front.
Wear a High Slit Dress with Casually-Crossed Strappy Sandals
Tie a Plaid or Casual Tie Around Your Waist to Flaunt Your Curves
Wear an ’80s-Style Shirt Underneath Your “Black Dress with High Slits”
Slits make dresses and skirts look fresh, young and modern. However, some women worry about how slits will make their legs look. This is a misconception. It’s simple: your legs will look amazing.
It’s all about the shape of your leg (and how you’re wearing it) … The slit defines the shape of your leg, which is why the rest of your outfit can be an accent on or an accompaniment to that shape. The high slit creates the illusion that your legs are longer. And it could be argued that the high slit makes an otherwise long-legged woman look even more so. It’s a slimming effect of an illusion.

black dress with high slits
black dress with high slits

Ways the Modern Girl can Make Her Black Dress with High Slit Work on her BFF’s Wedding Day

Your best friend is getting married, and you’re about to dress for the occasion. You’re looking for new ways to wear your black dress with high slit that will show off your figure without making you feel like a cheap hooker. First of all, if you want to show more skin and keep your dress classy, go for a short, high slit. Of course, having the slit at the back is always sexy. And even if you’re wearing it on the side, it will look like a much longer slit under your dress. You need to decide what you want your slit to do. You want it to go up, down, or sideways.
One way to make the slit high is by wearing it on the side. You can never go wrong with that. But if you want the slit higher than high, then this hack will help you out. Take a piece of cardboard or stiff paper and cut it into some kind of a triangle shape. Take the base of that triangle and make a slit as high up as you want it to be. Cut the triangle part into a V shape and stick it on your dress, just like in the picture.
This is probably one of the easiest ways to make a simple black dress with high slit look killer.

black dress with high slits
black dress with high slits