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Introduction: Why Do We Need AI in Creativity & Writing?

AI seems to be the topic of all conversations these days. It’s on the front page of newspaper, it’s on primetime talk shows, and it occupies a significant portion of our time in passing moments. But just because AI is an unspoken, looming presence in our daily lives, doesn’t mean we actually understand it. This doesn’t have to be the case. We could finally see AI fulfill its potential without working with a complicated language of technical terms or taking a science class beforehand.
In this first ever piece to lay out my vision for the future of AI, I’ll explain why AI is here and what we can do with it. I’m going to make the case that whether we like it or not, AI will become an essential tool in our lives.
I’m going to go through the origins of AI, what we can do with it today and how we’ll use it in the future. And when I’m done, if AI is not something you want to be involved in, that’s fine. I just want everyone to understand what we’re working with.
So let’s get started.
A Brief History of AI

daring to take up space
daring to take up space

What Is an AI Assisted Writing App and How Does it Work? It is a Multi Tasking App that Provides Real Time Assistance in Different Pairs of Required Tasks

AI has slowly been making its way into our lives, with the use of voice recognition, speech recognition, and now, text processing. With the use of AI, Siri and Google have evolved to respond to our requests. Same with chatbots that can answer most questions relating to your bank account or travel plans. Writing is a category that it is slowly conquering.
The introduction would be about what an AI assisted writing app does and how it works, including a brief description on some features of the app, like the ability to edit while writing without ever leaving the keyboard or having the need to switch screens between modes. The first use of the app is given to a person working on case reports. The second description would be on an app that can help students improve their writing skill.
What is it?

daring to take up space
daring to take up space

5 Easiest Ways to Make the Most Out of AI Assistant Apps

AI is free and accessible to everyone who has internet and smartphone. There are a variety of different AI writing apps available on the market, but because of the novelty and the lack of standardization, these apps can be hard to navigate through. Nevertheless, you can expect to find a number of AI assisted apps, that can be used for both leisure and professional purposes.
AI Assistant Apps can help people with creative writing. It can aid authors with character development, plot development, and even some hard parts of the process. There are different ways to use these apps, but among the easiest ones are:
1. Create a profile
You can sign up an account on one of the AI assistant apps and fill out your profile information. The AI will later use this to create stories based on your preferences. Use this app if you want to work on characters and plots without much hassle.
2. Choose a story type
There are tons of templates to choose from on these apps, and all of them can help you with inspiration and plot. Choose your favorite plot template, then follow the story line to create your own plot.
3. Let the AI do the writing for you

daring to take up space
daring to take up space

AI Friendly Productivity Tools for Creative Writers & Content Creators. What are They and How Can They Help You?

All you need to do is to type and allow the app to decipher what you want to write, while it assists you in different stages of creating your content. Some of them even allow you to edit your texts on the go. Sure, they don’t have a human touch but this will be more than enough in the beginning of your creative journey. Moreover, there is no need to spend time on learning them as they are designed with simplicity in mind.
Technology is evolving and adapting to the needs of people who have been always struggling with time. Fortunately, modern tools can surpass the necessity of having a person around you at all times. There is no need to sacrifice the quality of your content when you have everything you need at your disposal.

daring to take up space
daring to take up space

7 Must Have Tips to Get Started

To get started all you would need is just an internet connection and a smartphone. Not to forget the software installed on your phone. The AI app is free, non-cluttered, and can be installed on Android as well as iOS devices. You can get it from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
The software doesn’t require any learning, it’s self-learning and will learn as you go along. You can take pictures of the space which you have created and upload them to share your creation with the world for others to look at.
You can doodle and draw whatever you want, learn about the history of art and great artists, how to make things from scratch without an instructional manual, etc.
You can choose the time you wish to spend on your creation and come back to it later.
This is a way to make art on your own terms and schedule. For example, you may want to complete a project during a one-day conference, like the Renaissance Festival in Norman Oklahomawhere I live.
Another aspect of Make Art that makes it different than other art apps is the ability to compete against others.

daring to take up space
daring to take up space