I’m a Boy Wearing Girls Clothes in My Middle School History Class, and Here’s What I Learned About Identity


Introduction: In an attempt to better understand what it meant to be a boy wearing girls clothes in my middle school history class, I conducted an anonymous survey of 10 other boys who were brave enough to wear the same outfit to their respective history classes.

My survey was conducted using a simple questionnaire that had a blank space for responses to ask individual boys what they thought wearing girls clothes would mean to them and the other boys in their class. The questionnaire was posted publicly and anonymously in the hallway of my middle school (ed: This is not an endorsement; simply a statement of fact and it does not reflect on any bias or prejudice on my part). I received a total of 12 responses (including my own survey) ranging in age from 13-16 years old. By no means am I stating that this survey is a reflection of all boys who wore girls’ clothing to middle school but rather it is an insight into the thoughts of these boys. All responses are presented in chronological order.
Respondent 1: I think there would be many questions asked in my class by the boys, but probably not the girls. Because all the girls already knew we were gay and didn’t have to ask questions about it. Most of the straight guys would be jealous but try not to show it. The other gay boys would just be happy for us.
Respondent 2: I wouldn’t notice a difference at all except that I would have to have another friend added to my group of friends. And I’m sure the girls would talk about it, just like they do with everything else.

boy wearing girls clothes story
boy wearing girls clothes story

What did I learn? There was no general consensus on how this felt for the boys. Some were really excited about all the attention they got from their classmates and, as a result, learned more about themselves and others. Others found it embarrassing or uncomfortable. All in all, there was no clear definition of what it meant being a boy wearing girls clothes.

I’d like to share this information with you in the hopes that it will shed some light on what it feels like to be a boy in a girls clothing situation. I hope it will help you to better understand the other boys and girls in your class.
I’d also like to ask you to consider the following. All of the boys in my class wore girl’s clothes (some of them wore skirts, while others were only “wearing” shirts and tights). None of the girls in my class wore boy’s clothing. *My* gender identity is not being questioned or challenged by these children, yet I feel as though I am walking on eggshells.

boy wearing girls clothes story
boy wearing girls clothes story

Conclusion: This speaks volumes of how identity is constantly changing with time and age; what is acceptable one day may not be tomorrow. The key takeaway is that taking some risks can help us all grow as individuals

Thank you for reading my story about the boys wearing girls clothes story. I hope you enjoyed it. It only took me a few minutes to write, but it has been an experience that I am never going to forget as long as I live. The boys wearing girls clothes story is just one example of how someone can come out of the closet and start living openly and confidently.
This is where the topic of discussion was supposed to start up but instead I ended up talking about people coming out of the closet, which wasn’t the subject at hand initially. So this concludes my conclusion for “the boys wearing girls clothes story”.
Again, I would like to thank you for reading my story.
Thank you
Published on Oct 19, 2014 at 11:01PM (UTC) by YouTube
In a video posted to YouTube, a man named Nicholas Roehm discusses the everyday life of a transgender individual and details what it’s like to be “out” as transgendered. The video is part of a series called “Personal Story: Living the Life,” which Roehm says will be available on his website with more content up through spring 2015.
In the video, Roehm discusses how he felt about transitioning from a man to a woman after growing up with masculine features. He says that growing up, he was pressured to wear dresses and wanted to become a woman.

boy wearing girls clothes story
boy wearing girls clothes story