Nail Art – Why You Should Try Different Colors Like White, Blue, and Gold


Introduction: The Importance of Trying New Colors

The color of your nails is one of the first ways to let people know about your personality. There are hundreds of different colors that can express a message or just simply be one of the latest trends. People all over the world have been attracted to the colors blue and white. Perfectly placed in between these two colors is a golden sparkle, which makes both colors stand out and gives that special touch to any outfit. The three colors create a perfect combination that looks natural and has the power of attracting peoples attention.
Everyone loves to go outside in spring and summer to walk. I think this is mostly because the weather is great, but also because you get a chance to wear all your favorite outfits. One of the first things that you want to change are your nails, especially if you want them to look different from the rest of your outfit. Having a unique nail polish on, gives you that special touch that I mentioned before. You now have the power to make or break your outfit! You can have these different shades of blue and white nails, or you can have completely different colors that are eye-catching or match a shirt or a necklace.
Sadly, not all women have the money to maintain their nails constantly. According to research, the average cost of having your nails done is just over ten dollars. This may not seem like a lot, but if you do it often, this can get expensive! Getting your nails done is one of the most popular ways people like to decide their nails. Women will range from their local nail salon to do their nails in the privacy of their house!

blue white and gold nails
blue white and gold nails

How to Wear White Nails

White is one of the brightest colors in the world. White nails, especially when combined with gold, give a shiny touch and brighten up your nails. To wear white nails you first have to let all your nails grow out, then you can paint them with a clear coat and after that paint them with white nail polish, creating a double coat so no white shows through. If it shows through you can use a thin brush and create thin lines of gold or any other color between blue and gold.
Et voila, a perfect summer look!
I got the idea from my friend Jessica and I love it, the yellow matches my skin really well. I was really surprised when this look turned out so great!


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blue white and gold nails
blue white and gold nails

Ways to Wear Blue Nails

Blue is a color that is hard to pull off, but when you do it right you will look like a million dollars. To wear blue on nails you first have to let your nails grow out and then you can apply two coats of blue nail polish. The two coats of nail polish should be put on carefully, only one brush stroke at the time so it looks clean and structured. After that you can add a thin coat of clear polish to make it shiny and bright.
It is very important that you do not leave the blue nail polish on your nails for too long because it will look dirty and worn out. If you want to wear different colors with the blue nail polish you should apply the color on top of it after a day or two. If you really like this color but you think bright colors are not for you than I have an idea for you. You can do a French manicure with blue polish but instead of white you can use a light shade of blue nail polish. This is a very delicate look that would look good on your wedding day or when you want to look fancy.

blue white and gold nails
blue white and gold nails

Ways to Wear Gold Nails

Gold is a color that has been existing in the world since the Middle Age. Shining like gold, these nails will catch lots of attention towards you. To wear gold nails first let your nails grow out and then paint them with a thin coat of golden nail polish. Use yellowish colors to make your nails look more shiny and beautiful. The goal is to let the yellow come through and create an amazing nail effect. To make it even better add a thin coat of clear polish to give it an extra shiny and golden touch. If you want to wear gold nails but you don’t want to paint your whole nails use this trick. Paint one side of your nails and then paint the other side of them with an equal amount of polish. The effect is definitely worth it. If you have a birthday party coming up or something else to go, try out one of these ways to wear gold nails and really get the attention on yourself.
Ten Ways To Wear Gold Nails
1. Try out a Rose Gold Nail Polish.
2. Use Yellowish Colors.
3. Wear Black and Gold Nails with a Clear Coat is Also Okay!
4. Wear Gold Nails with a Clear Coat for More Shine!
5. Mix two kinds of Nail Polishes for the Best Effect!
6. If you have Nice Short Nails just Paint it With Gold Polish and Then you’ll Look Gorgeous!

blue white and gold nails
blue white and gold nails