Packing for your kids is hard enough! Finding the perfect carseat, a high chair for your little one, and a stroller that doesn’t tip over is even harder! That’s where the Big Nut on White Mommy comes into play.


What is Big Nut on White Mommy?

Big Nut On White Momma is a team of innovators and entrepreneurs of color that are committed to building and sustaining the Black economy. Big Nut On White Momma is based in Baltimore, MD and Chicago, IL. While building the organization and brand, Big Nut On White Momma has opened two boutiques and a studio space. The company currently has a presence in Baltimore and Chicago. In addition to the physical locations, Big Nut On White Momma provides marketing support for independent boutiques across the United States and abroad, as well as provides other services for local designers. Big Nut On White Momma is currently seeking investors to fund the initial expansion of their operations and roster of services.
Big Nut On White Momma is an independent construction [artist, curator, producer, designer and marketer] bringing big public spaces to Baltimore and Chicago through art installations and entrepreneurial development. The company is sponsored by the Baltimore City Department of Public Works [DPW] and Chicago Office of Cultural Affairs and Special Events [OCASE]. The company’s mission is to use art as a tool for economic revitalization, job creation and social equity. Big Nut On White Momma is led by Will Allen, Kristina Williams, Ozyiwaa Tufuah and P.L. Joseph. The company was founded in 2008 as a think tank and design studio by Williams and Allen, while they were graduate students at the MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces Group at the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory.

big nut on white mom
big nut on white mom

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Big Nut On White Mommy?

Big Nut On White Momma is a clothing company that began with the vision to be professional, classy and casual. The name was carefully chosen because it is the opposite of what mainstream popular culture portrays. Big Nut on White Momma is not about being vulgar, crass or violent. It is about being elevated, confident and sophisticated. Big Nut On White Momma believes that colorism is prominent in the fashion world and it does not fit into their code of conduct. They want to show the realness around colorism, how it affects people’s thoughts, actions and daily lives. It is just as important to them to create a place for people that are committed to creating movements inspired by the company culture as much as they want to provide opportunity for talented designers of color.

big nut on white mom
big nut on white mom

Where Can I Find this Product?

Big Nut On White Momma is currently available at several boutiques in the United States and abroad. You can also find them on social media: WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THEM?
If you’re looking for the BIG NUT ON WHITE MOMMA, look no further than our website:
In terms of where to buy Big Nut On White Mama products you’ll find us at:
-The following retailers: Winners in NYC, Melrose Place.
-The following designers/retailers: Paddle8, The Shop at Josephine House, A Small World of Designs.
-The following stores: The Line
You can also find Big Nut On White Momma on social media:
-Where to find Big Nut On White Momma at retailers in the United States:

big nut on white mom
big nut on white mom

How Does it Work?

Big Nut On White Momma provides designers with marketing and branding skills to help them achieve their goals. One thing that is important to the CEO, Heather Thompson, is to create a place for people who want to make movements that are inspired by the company culture. They want the businesses they work with and their business partners to thrive. They want everyone to be happy and feel like they are a part of something big.
Big Nut on White Mom created Big Nut on White Momma to create a movement that encourages women in the workplace. It was born out of the desire for women to have other women who will support them and help make their dreams a reality. They want everyone to know that with Big Nut on White Momma they have the resources they need to succeed.

big nut on white mom
big nut on white mom

is it safe for my babies to use?

Big Nut On White Momma believes that the product is safe and that it is not meant to be used on babies or young children. They believe that the product represents strength and empowerment, not harmful messages to young children. They believe in being conscious about the way they are being perceived as a company. They are about being classy and elegant. They want to be perceived as a classy and elegant company with a class act. They feel that they have got attention because they are doing something different, although they know that it is not because of the product, but rather the name. They are hoping that people will think in a positive way about them, their products and their company.”
The “large-nutted-on-white-momma” is intended to represent someone who is white with large breasts (or “big nut on white momma,” if you’re feeling extra literal). It is a female figure with a dark brown or black face and large breasts being held by another dark-skinned female figure with hair in what appears to be two pigtails. So yes, an obviously racist product name, right?
Here’s the kicker this whole article: The lawsuit was filed by the Texas Attorney General on behalf of the State of Texas against Big Nut On White Momma LLC and owner James Montgomery. Montgomery, who filed a trademark application back in May, is being sued for violating the Racial Disparagement Act of 2009. According to the article, Montgomery has said that he understands why people are upset by it, but he doesn’t understand why they’re filing a lawsuit against him.

big nut on white mom
big nut on white mom