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Don’t you hate it when your cats or dogs eat your herbs? Or the birds over there eat your tomatoes? Yes! You know those animals. They may be beneficial to the environment but they are a total nuisance when not properly disposed of. I guess for them it’s like food. Feeding them is like petting a dog. When their balls are full and they’re happy with their bellyfuls, instead of killing them for food or feeding them to cats and dogs who love to eat veggies too trying to convert them into meat just makes them feel better about eating their veggies! No harm done unless you end up with a few chickens or turkeys

Arachnids are a different problem. Remember, spiders are your friend. They keep the insect population of your yard down. They eat mosquitos, flies, gnats and other pestiferous insects that would make you and your family miserable if left to breed in your garden or yard. Spiders are beneficial in that they don’t eat people. If you catch a spider, you can put it outside to die. One other thing you must realize is that it’s not just the spiders themselves that’s poisonous. The touch of a spider can release a deadly toxin. So, when you catch one in the house, you should put it outside to die.
There are different species of spiders and each one is dependent on where they live and what they eat. Even though all spiders may look similar, there are several different types found in areas like your neighborhood or your state. The most common spider found on the U.S. west coast is the brown recluse spider. This spider is found throughout the U.S., but primarily in the southern United States. This type of spider will have a darker reddish-brown color with a darker colored spot on its abdomen that looks like a violin or violin-shaped mark. The markings on this type of spider’s abdomen resemble the violin marking, hence its name and fame as the “violin” spider, although other types of spiders can have similar markings on their abdomens.
Another type of spider that exists in the U.S. and has been known to be poisonous is the black widow spider, with a black color and a red hourglass mark on its abdomen.

covered in spiders, man
covered in spiders, man