The 100 Best Black Shirt Styles for Men


Introduction: What is a Black Shirt and How does it Work?

The black shirt is also an important piece of modern military uniform, as it is present in most militaries worldwide. It has had a long and distinguished service record: Black shirt is an abbreviation of the phrase “blackshirt”. In its heyday, it was a symbol of militant nationalism and the Fascist movement. Today, black shirts are still in use, but primarily as police uniforms.
Black shirt is an outer layer of clothing that is typically worn over other garments and has traditionally been made from blue or gray cotton-polyester blends for comfort and protection against the elements. It is the outermost garment, and the jacket of shirt is worn over it. The layers are then layered on top of one another to make a complete suit.
Black shirt, a former part of military uniforms, was originally referred to as “shirt and breeches”. The black uniform was developed and first used by the British Army in 1900. The term blackshirts originated in Argentina, where it referred to a group of vigilantes who were active during the early 20th century.

black shirt with white sleeves
black shirt with white sleeves

Black Shirts and why you should embrace them!

Black shirts are still used in these countries, and why not in yours as well? They are for sale in military surplus stores, or can be easily ordered online. You will also find them available to rent, or you can do it yourself and paint them black. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a modern day Black Shirt Brigade?
South Australia has already started the ball rolling: ‘Adelaide’s new Black Shirts’ The Australian, March 12, 2014, (Please see image below taken from that article. There is no link to that article at this time. If the link does not work, please contact us and we will add it.)
How about making one for yourself?
Black Shirts (military) are distinguished by a distinctive black “shirt” covering the shoulders and upper chest usually worn with a military belt. The color of the shirt, collar and cuffs varies depending on the wearer’s unit or branch. In many militaries, black is an official color worn as part of a standard military uniform. It is also sometimes worn by police and paramilitary forces.

black shirt with white sleeves
black shirt with white sleeves