The 15 Best French Vocabulary Resources for the Perfect Language in Your Life


French Vocabulary Collection – A List of the Most Useful and Beautiful French Words

The vocabulary of an entire language, especially in speaking and writing, can be intimidating. However, there are some words that are so useful they’re practically indispensable. Here’s a list of the top words that often come up in everyday French conversations. Keep in mind that French vocabulary is very contextual, so each word may have several different meanings. It’s best to associate the words with its most common use.
-À (Indicates a place or a starting point) – Ex. Nous sommes à Paris. (We’re in Paris.)
-Abandonner (To abandon) – Ex. Je vais abandonner mon projet. (I’m going to give up my project.)
-Aborder (to approach, to broach a subject, to start talking about something) – Ex. Je pense qu’il faut aborder le sujet. (I think it is time to talk about it.)
-Accepter (to accept) – Ex. Je vais accepter votre offre. (I’m accepting your offer.)
-Accidenter (to collide, to hit things) – Ex. Il a accidenté la voiture. (He has hit the car.)
-Accomplir (to accomplish) – Ex. Je vais accomplir plusieurs projets cette année. (I will finish many projects this year.)

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comme des garcons frank ocean
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