The 7 Most Popular Colorado Cities to Visit if You’re a Coloradan


Introduction: What is Colorado? A Coloradan’s Guide to Visiting the State and What Every Coloradan Should Do

There’s no shortage of reasons to visit the Centennial State, but here are a few tips for getting the most out of your trip. Whether you’re a long-time resident or just passing through, these insider tips will make you… well, feel like a local.
If you’ve never been to Colorado, and if you’re just passing through or visiting, here are a few tips for getting the most out of your trip. They’ll have you feeling like a local in no time.
Are you a tourist? If so, here’s your crash course:
1. Visit a state zoo.
Casper is home to the world’s biggest zoo. You can travel back in time at the Colorado Springs Zoo or the Denver Zoo, or see animals from around the world at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Plains Museum of Wildlife Art & Sciences, all within a few hours.
Colorado’s state parks are a great place to explore and experience Colorado life. Visit your local Native American museum, a historic site like Fort Lewis College, or an art gallery such as The Contemporary Art Gallery. There are plenty of opportunities to play and learn, and see why Coloradans love their state.
2. Stroll Larimer Square.

colorado its citizens riveting testimony
colorado its citizens riveting testimony

What are The Most Popular Attractions of Colorado and what do they have in common?

The highest concentration of breweries in the world is located in Colorado. That’s because its important to stay hydrated when you’re trekking up a 14er or a steep ski slope. And nothing gets you going like a cold brew, except maybe the feeling you get when you conquer your ascent and enjoy the sight from the top. That’s why you can find at least one of Colorado’s 300+ microbreweries in every town, along with several brewpubs, which serve up fresh craft beers to quench your thirst after a hard day on the mountain or at work.
Colorado is also home to two of the best ski areas in North America: Vail and Aspen. These beautiful mountains boast some of the most diverse terrain in any ski resort anywhere. Whether you’re seeking powder, big glades, steep descents or a wide array of terrain, there’s something for everyone. And if you’re one of those people who prefer the laid-back vibe at a brewpub to the glitzy atmosphere of an upscale ski resort, then head over to Avery Brewing Company in Boulder.

colorado its citizens riveting testimony
colorado its citizens riveting testimony

Why it’s Important That You Tell Our Citizens Exactly What They Want and Why We Don’t Have to Justify It

For too long, the citizens of Colorado have had… well, complex feelings about our snowboarders. Sure, they’re “Cashiers at the window out of control” (Lickin’ The Spoon), but they’re also “doin’ all right.” (Mr. Mom). The truth is, Coloradans don’t need to defend their snowboarders — not when they’re generating billions of dollars in revenue for the state. They do need to defend our snowboarders, though. And defend them they must. Or they could lose states’ rights. Or something.
Here’s the thing: when a snowboarder gets a ticket, it’s not like he or she gets to dispute it in court. No. The ticket is final, and if the snowboarder doesn’t pay up, it can add up to big trouble with the law. Which is why it’s important that when a snowboarder gets a ticket, he or she knows for sure there’s a law that says he or she must pay up. The law says: “You have to pay me $500.”

colorado its citizens riveting testimony
colorado its citizens riveting testimony

Why we need better communication with our citizens about our tax rates

As a result of years of tax cuts, Colorado is currently the 3rd most tax-friendly state in the nation. What’s worse, we play this up to the extreme. Our campaign to reclaim the title as #1 is… um… well, let’s just say it’s not going very well. Our citizens don’t understand that low property taxes and no income tax are a good thing!
We have a state government not just eager, but itching to inform the public of this. The towns that have been in the news lately because of a desperate “let’s cut taxes” campaign are… um… well they’re not going very well either. In fact our current efforts to promote Colorado as #1 on the tax ease scale doesn’t even rate as #2 with the Tax Foundation. Colorado’s #2? Oklahoma!
Oklahoma. A state that clearly needs to be avoided at all costs. We can see their priorities.
The Oklahoma City Oklahomans, on the other hand, are doing a fine job of promoting their state’s advantages. The governor’s office has a dedicated website that lists job creation and tax cuts as the leading traits of Oklahoma. I’m sorry, but no one’s buying it. They KNOW we have more of both than them.

colorado its citizens riveting testimony
colorado its citizens riveting testimony