The Best Bonnie and Clyde Costume Ideas


A History of Bonnie and Clyde in the 20th Century

Bonnie and Clyde is a 1967 American biographical crime film based on Robert Nelsons The Ambush. In 2001, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being culturally, historically or aesthetically significant. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are an attractive young couple who have grown tired of their hard life in the Depression-era town of 1930. They decide that they’re going to run away and start a new life in Mexico. Bonnie and Clyde are quickly recognized by the local police who, just like other law enforcement officers in the rural county, had never seen such a beautiful couple before.
The characters of Bonnie and Clyde were created by American crime writer F. B. I. Nye, who based it on the real life romantic relationship between police officers Ralph Fults and J. C. Jones in 1930’s Texas (into which Nye also inserted the identity of Barrow as a police officer).
Bonnie Parker was inspired, in part, by the real-life Marjorie Baker (Baker) and William T. “Bill” Cline (Cline), who committed the murders that inspired F. B. I. Nye to write Bonnie and Clyde.[1] In 1994, the FBI’s official declassified documents revealed that Barrow was a real police officer in Houston, Texas, with some of his colleagues dubbing him “Jackrabbit”, because of his quick run. Cline was a detective with the Houston Police Department and both he and Baker were involved in the murder of Edward A. Bremer, a Fidelity-Guardian Company security guard, who was killed during a robbery on January 17, 1932 in Houston.

bonnie and clyde costume ideas
bonnie and clyde costume ideas

Bonnie and Clyde’s Costumes & How They Wore Them

To make their own clothes, Bonnie and Clyde would find a spot where they would be undisturbed and take advantage of the cover of the stars or their natural surroundings to make a new outfit. They would start with their hair and face makeup, getting ready for any photo taking that might take place later. Bonnie and Clyde would also cover their faces while they were out and about on the road, as well as when they were traveling through isolated areas of the county.
The reason for using their own clothing was because Bonnie and Clyde knew the area very well, and knew what type of surroundings would be helpful to them in the future. Being able to blend into the environment around them was helpful, and knowing what locales were safe or not helped them get through the days of hiding out.
In order to make their clothes, they would use whatever they had available at hand. Their car was their greatest resource- they could take advantage of the materials inside, such as blankets and pillows. The car itself was also a place where Bonnie and Clyde would store equipment and supplies during their time on the run, such as guns.
It was also during this time that Bonnie and Clyde would use the materials in their vehicle’s gas tank to make fire for certain needs. A symbol of their time on the run would be burnt forearms and hands, with a canvas bandage covering a cut to their right index finger. They would also carve into the gas tank for hiding places, such as a place where they could store guns.

bonnie and clyde costume ideas
bonnie and clyde costume ideas

Clyde as a Fashionista & Bonnie as a Model in the Roaring 20s

Bonnie and Clyde were seen as fashion role models in the 20s. This was because there were many photographers in different parts of the country taking their pictures. Bonnie and Clyde didn’t have any fancy clothes, but rather just wore their overalls and other flannel clothing. The camera captured them as a couple who appeared to be having fun the entire time. They had no problem being in a pose or dressed up, which created an everlasting image of them that remained on the minds of their fans long after they left the scene.
Since Bonnie and Clyde were considered new celebrities and trendsetters, many of the newspapers published their pictures, especially if they could make an entertaining story out of it. When this photo was taken, Bonnie and Clyde were about to rob a bank. They had guns in their hand and Bonnie was trying to conceal her face. The photographer caught this moment and published it in the newspaper. The couple became known as lawbreakers under the guise of being modern-day fashionistas.
The image was then used to make a poster, which was later displayed in the film.

bonnie and clyde costume ideas
bonnie and clyde costume ideas

Cocktails to Serve When Dressing Like Bonnie & Clyde

Cocktails are an essential part of the Bonnie and Clyde costume theme. Some of these concoctions include:the red devil (a mixture of red wine and vodka), lassie (a mixture of gin and grapefruit juice), Kitten on the Leash (a mixture of gin, tonic water, and lime juice), the clyde cocktail (gin and tonic with a float of orange juice in the glass), Bonnie Braison’s cocktail (gin, lemonade, and grenadine), Clyde Daiquari (gin, orange juice, pineapple syrup, lemonade, grenadine), Bonnie’s favorite cocktail(gin, cherry brand. zest, and grenadine), the Bonnie Blake drink (gin, cherry brandy, sweet vermouth, grenadine), Bonnie’s special drink (gin, coconut juice, pineapple syrup, cherry liqueur and pineapple bits in the glass), Clyde’s special drink (gin, orange juice, pineapple syrup and a dash of nutmeg), Clyde’s favorite cocktail (gin and tonic with a float of orange juice in the glass).
The attire for a Bonnie and Clyde Halloween costume party includes: bonnie’s white blouse, midi skirt, silk scarf, black hat, black gloves, gun holster with revolver, pearl necklace with matching bracelet. clyde’s suit, fedora hat and boots.
Bonnie and Clyde Halloween costumes can be bought ready-made at local novelty shops.
If you are attempting to create your own Bonnie and Clyde Halloween costumes, some of the items you will need include: hats (bonnie’s white blouse, midi skirt, silk scarf, black hat, black gloves gun holster with revolver), pearl necklace with matching bracelet (bonnie). clyde’s suit, fedora hat and boots.

bonnie and clyde costume ideas
bonnie and clyde costume ideas