The Best of Jodie Dupey’s 2018 Fall runways


Introduction: The Top Trends in Jodie Dupey’s New Fall Collection

Jodie Dupey has been seen everywhere from Instagram to the runways this season. You may have also heard the name of her label in reference to a certain style. If that sounds like you are using Jodie Dupey, this is your opportunity to get updates on the latest designs! What are the latest trends in Jodie Dupey’s new fall collection?
#1: The “Jodie Dupey”
You may have seen this new fall look on fashion Instagrams everywhere. This is a 100% original design from Jodie Dupey and is the perfect piece to wear this fall. You want to wear the Jodie Dupey if you want that street cool style. It’s sophisticated yet edgy, and it communicates that you are in-the-know with all the latest trends. The “Jodie Dupey” is the perfect mix of all the major trends!
This style was first seen on Jodie Dupey’s Instagram and is her number one seller.
#2: The “Bottega Veneta Mini”

bottega veneta mini jodie dupe
bottega veneta mini jodie dupe

Jodie Dupey’s New Sneaker Atmosphere For Her Fashion Show

Jodie Dupey’s Fall 2016 collection show for her label is a sneak peek at the newest trends for her exclusive shoe line as well. Here are some of the hottest shoe styles of the upcoming season. Keep an eye out for them to come out within the following months.
The season starts with her signature shoe styles. We’ve seen them before, but all in a new style, pattern and material. They are now all covered with a camouflage print leather and they still have the ankle straps.
It’s time for Jodie Dupey to show us some new styles and prints! All of her shoes will be presenting amazing patterns, such as camo prints or her signature fringing and lace details on the upper of all of them.

bottega veneta mini jodie dupe
bottega veneta mini jodie dupe

What to Expect from  Jodie Dupey’s Tailoring Trends for Fall

Jodie Dupey’s newest wearables are simple yet sophisticated. The pieces are not too over the top, but they make you want to throw on the items with no hesitance. There is a certain elegance to the tailoring design that has always been synonymous with Jodie Dupey. It is what we love about her the most and will love to see in the upcoming Fall/Winter 2016 season.
As per usual, Jodie Dupey’s tailoring will come in a variety of forms. You can find many pieces that are designed for special occasions or made of silk for them to be worn for business meetings. Yet, there are also those that are composed mostly of leather or denim, designed with comfort in mind or made for casual wear. It really depends on the wearer as to what they will wear based on their lifestyle. You can find a wide range of choices that should please even the pickiest people.

bottega veneta mini jodie dupe
bottega veneta mini jodie dupe