The Best Western Plus Hill House Review


Introduction: What Is A Hill House and What Does It Have To Offer?

A Hill House is a Western-themed hotel located in Mesa, Arizona. With an on-site restaurant and an outdoor heated pool, the Hill House provides guests with a unique experience of the West. The Hill House offers four different room types and can accommodate up to 100 people for wedding receptions and corporate retreats. It also provides the guests with a sense of community.
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This article will briefly explain who the Hill House is and how it came to being. If you want to know more about what the Hill House has to offer, then read on!
The Hill House began in 1960 when a group of Arizona businessmen formed The Arizona Hotel Company (AHC). Through a series of mergers, the company was eventually renamed Best Western Arizona Inc. In 1978, Best Western Arizona Inc. purchased the Phoenix-based Best Western Hotel Corp., thereby expanding the Hill House’s territory to cover Arizona, Nevada and California.
In 1983, then-president and chief shareholder of AHC, Rick Wilson, decided to expand the Hill House into order to keep up with its rapidly growing market share. The following year, many renovations began at the resort. The 20-story tower was built, more buildings were renovated and the dining area and hotel lobby were also expanded. In addition, the brand name of the resort was changed to “Best Western Hill House Resort.” Since then, there have been a few more changes and additions to this resort.

best western plus hill house
best western plus hill house

What Makes The Best Western Plus Hill House A Great Destination For Outdoorsy People?

The Best Western Plus Hill House is a permanent outdoor venue for outdoor activities. Hosting an outdoor event at a venue that has both indoor and outdoor space suffices relieves the stress of having to cater to both sets of guests. The on-site restaurant can also be used while there are no outdoor activities taking place.
The Best Western Plus Hill House makes for a great field trip for school trips. Being housed in one venue, students are able to participate in a wide range of activities. The hotel provides each guest with ample parking space and free wi-fi, meaning there is no need for students to be distracted by the internet during their trip.
Outdoor activities range from painting and archery to rock climbing and magic shows.
The Best Western Plus Hill House is also a great family destination. With a petting zoo, an indoor playground and a carousel, children will be able to have a full day of fun without getting bored.
Outdoor activities at The Best Western Plus Hill House include paintballing, axe throwing, archery, magic shows and more.

best western plus hill house
best western plus hill house

What Should I Pack For My Visit To The Best Western Plus Hill House?

The weather in Arizona is typically sunny and hot during the summer, so visitors should pack light linen clothing. A wildflower identification book is also recommended so you can identify and appreciate the numerous native plants that are found throughout the property. Desert animals, reptiles, and birds are also frequently spotted while at the Hill House. Be sure to pack binoculars.
Shoes are a big no-no in the pool area, so feel free to splash around in your bare feet wearing shorts or swimming trunks. Our pool also features a whirlpool, as well as three waterfalls that cascade from the hillside into the pool. If you visit during the cool months, we even have an indoor pool that features a fireplace.

best western plus hill house
best western plus hill house

Our Favorite Things About The Best Western Plus Hill House Our Favorite Things About The Resort

Our favorite thing about the hotel is the Western theme throughout. The lobby and the rooms have a welcoming feel that helps visitors to immediately feel at home.
The staff are also very accommodating to the guests and will go out of their way to make sure that you feel welcomed and comfortable.
We would recommend The Hill House Resort to anyone looking for affordable accommodation in Invermere, BC. Great value, great service!
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best western plus hill house
best western plus hill house

Conclusion: Why Should You Stay At The Best Western Plus Hill House And How Can They Make

You should stay at the Hill House if you were looking for a unique experience of the West. The hotel offers guests a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy its Western-themed design in an atmosphere that feels comfortable and warm. It is also a great place for a wedding reception or corporate retreat. The atmosphere makes you stay there longer and the service will make you revisit. Plus, the Hill House has a beautiful pool that is sure to be enjoyed by kids and parents alike. You will surely have a good time during your stay here. Visit their site

best western plus hill house
best western plus hill house